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  1. https://telegia.com/skyburst/ https://www.ubifi.net/
  2. 300 gigabytes. So LTE is hot garbage to game on? I have seen mixed reviews that tend to correspond with service levels at the site.
  3. So we are building a new home and have limited internet options. Comcast said they would run cable, but it would cost upwards of $46,000 which is not in the budget. They eventually should expand out to us though. Currently, we have a few options... DSL: slow and garbage, not viable. Telegia Fixed wireless: 30/5 plan is around $160 a month with a $200 install. Latency is single digits, next to no packet loss, and weather has to be extremely severe to mess with it (icing on the tower). We are 2 miles from the tower and have a direct sight line. Unlimited data and guaranteed speeds, you actually get ATLEAST 30/5, but normally 10% more. Customer service is excellent. UbiFi: LTE wireless using AT&T infrastructure. Hardware is $300 bucks and $90/month with 'unlimited' data. Cell phone speed tests show 32/4.5 without a powered antenna, but 144/43 when I test a mile closer to the tower. The tower is 1.3 miles from the house site. The sales rep said even though its 'unlimited', ATT will go around them and kick accounts over 300gig's a month. I am currently using around 500gigs but can cut down. Usage: Overwatch, Modern Warfare and streaming tv using Direct TV Now or Sling. House is wired with Cat6a to all rooms and terminated in a rack in the basement. Concerns: Knee-jerk choice would be Telegia fixed wireless due to no data limit and potentially a more stable/consistent connection, but the price and limited speed make me hesitate. LTE potentially could be MUCH faster and cheaper, but I would have to consider the 300 gig limit and potential stability issues. Thoughts?