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  1. there is still one problem, hopefully someone helpful can respond. I've contacted razer about the firmware I need and they won't respond. On the off-chance someone can send the file it will be much appreciated. Obviously I'm not going to trust a random dl, but if there's a trusted link I would love you
  2. How was I being hostile? I was simply stating that he instead of helping criticized me and others with the same problem. When I say things like "he mistook me as a lesser man with a small dick", it's satire. I just wanted info from someone who had the same laptop and problem, I'm a perfectly able human with half a brain to find other means of troubleshooting, but this post is for help. I don't get the negativity, seems counterproductive for this forum. If you don't want to help don't post! edit: in number five of my update I explain this isn't a hate thread and I only wished for support.
  3. So update: 1) found the chip 2) confirmed I ordered the right flasher 3) there isn't a recovery on my board 4) to the guy who said I'm fucked, obviously you mistaken me for a lesser man with a small dick 5) this was a post for suggestions / help so i could troubleshoot faster without taking it apart before package arrives not a fucking hate thread on me and others who bricked their boards @kevinhall05 what to take away from this is, razer is not a good brand and sometimes they make their products in a way so repairs would be harder in an attempt to make extra money. Also, whilst mid-research I discovered a man making a fully modular laptop with amazing ideas: TWR Electronics I might make a video on my experience and how to fix this issue without sending it in for repairs. repairs would be like 300 BTW youtube is Noah Cooley
  4. I think I may have found it; can't exactly see very well, but there seems to be a 2nd chip. Yes I know I could have just taken it apart, but the garage is cold and I like my warm bed.
  5. I'm not fucked, maybe if I were a lesser man I would be, but I could flash it. I think I've done it before on a pc, but I've done it countless times hacking the Xbox 360.
  6. I've recently bought a razer blade and bricked it! When updating the BIOS I left it alone only to returned to a bricked laptop. Is there a recovery 2nd BIOS chip on-board, or should I wait for the programmer to arrive? If so, what pins am I to short? Also any tips for flashing this chip would be much appreciated.