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  • Birthday 1995-11-02

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    Music Tech, IT And PC Building
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    Full-Time Student


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3400G (1st PC) FX-8350 @4.7Ghz (2nd PC)
  • Motherboard
    ab350 Pro4 (1st PC) MSI 970 Gaming (2nd PC)
  • RAM
    16GB Vengeance LPX (1st PC) 32GB Vengeance Pro Silver (2nd PC)
  • GPU
    ASUS Strix RX 580 8GB (1st PC) Duel MSI GTX 780's (2nd PC)
  • Case
    Cooler Master MB520 (1st PC) Rosewill Armor Evolution (2nd PC)
  • Storage
    1TB Intel 660p And Seagate BarraCuda 2TB (1st pc) 500GB SSD And Seagate BarraCuda 2TB (2nd PC)
  • PSU
    RX 750x fOR bOTH
  • Display(s)
    2 AOC 27G2U (1st PC) Some Random 27" Monitor (2nd PC)
  • Cooling
    Both Cases Have All Fan Slots Full Of Corsair SP120 or SP140
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow Chroma (1st PC) Corsair K63 (2nd PC)
  • Mouse
    Logitech g403 (1st PC Razer Death adder 2013 (2nd PC)
  • Sound
    Sound Blaster Audigy For Both
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro For Both
  1. Sorry for the late reply It's a TP-Link TL-WA850RE N300
  2. Is there a way to change the connection from 2.4 to 5?
  3. So I bought a range extender off of amazon, and it has a ethernet port so I thought it would be a good idea to utilize this, its been perfect in every game, besides cs, its rubber banding, now its not all the time but it is noticeable and quite annoying, is there any fix for this or will I just have to run wireless and connect to my router anytime I want to play cs. Many Thanks - BigDaddy0078
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply, thanks a lot
  5. Sadly not, It's already been ordered.
  6. It's only a problem with 3DMark then, I wouldn't worry.
  7. 3DMark is purely synthetic, the best way to test is through actual gaming, if your fps goes up, then it's fine. There's also a few things you could try, 1) Setting your pc to "Performance" This tends to fix 2) Maybe OC the GPU?? 3) Look to see if your drivers are installed (I know this is said all the time but it's basic) 4) Try and reinstall windows and see if that works (I know it's tedious but it's probably the best thing you could do)
  8. Yer 'aight guys So I am getting a 3200g for Christmas. And currently rocking a ASUS Strix RX 580 8GB. I am wondering if this would be a bottleneck, if so, should I overclock or just deal with the 3200g and 580?? Thanks Lads :)