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  1. All the Anker cables i can find are type C to type C. This is what i was going to get, but i don't have a type C port. I'm thinking i might buy an active extension cable instead and keep using a short one i bought (about 50cm) as the end to connect to headset. I bought it to use just for charging as i don't have a plethora of power points. I paid extrato get a USB 3 one to check if it was the Esimen cable or my USB ports that had failed and it works fine with Oculus Link. It's just waaaaay too short to use to play unless the VR experience I'm looking for involves crouching down with your head permanently angled to one side...
  2. This may seem like a stupid question... Would a simple inline converter from USB type A (male end) to USB type C (female end) affect speed or power transfer at all? Blue USB 3 ones specifically. I'm looking for a decent cable for Oculus Link. I bought an Esimen one which was type A to type C already, but it worked for 3 days before it could no longer transfer at USB 3 speeds. So i'm looking to get a new one, but the best ones i can find are all type C to type C. I have 6 USB 3.0 (blue, is that 3.0 or 3.1?) ports, but they're all type A.
  3. The second roll back did the trick. I'm gonna keep a copy of this version driver on a drive and when new drivers come out i can try them and have this one ready as a a fall back position.
  4. No i haven't but i have found steam threads with others that have the problem (specific to monster hunter world, but i've seen it in other games too). And the driver i rolled back to still has the problem. I'm going to have to roll back one more to 442.74 according to those threads. So i'm going to DDU and install that one in the hope my games aren't still an unplayable graphical mess.
  5. I always do a clean install when i upgrade drivers. I did not use DDU, in fact i'd never heard of it until your post (will keep in mind for next driver update), i just check the box in the nvidia driver installation. I did not do a clean install when i rolled back however as i was just quickly trying it out to see if it fixed the problem. But i haven't had any issues since rolling back the driver, so i'm inclined to believe it was the culprit. It was the only thing besides installing the minecraft RTX beta that had changed on my system and suddenly light effects in other games were all screwed up and davinci resolve couldn't render a 20min video.
  6. More of a public service announcement, but if anyone else is having problems, sound off. The latest Nvidia driver (Geforce game ready 445.87 april 15 2020) is recommended if you want to try out the RTX minecraft beta. However i have been having problems with lighting in other games (non RTX titles) after installing this driver. I also had problems rendering videos in Davinci Resolve, which would get to about 80% and then fail. I've rolled back to the previous driver (geforce game ready 445.75 march 23 2020) and this has fixed my problems. Playing around with the tiny minecraft demos of ray tracing (since you cant really just play with RTX on yet) is not worth the graphical glitches in other games or an inability to render a video i need to upload. Hope if anyone else is having problems since this driver update, either knows to rollback or finds this thread.
  7. Windows on hynix, games or important applications on the intel. I always use my slower ssd for windows and my fastest for games. I dont mind waiting a few extra seconds for windows to load, but waiting for a level to load or respawning at a check point after dying is better if its as quick as possible. I dont want enough time to look around my room, decide i need to clean up all these empty doritos bags and mountain dew bottles, and lose immersion. Also if something goes wrong i don't have to redownload all my games. for anything else you want to store buy a seagate barracuda or a western digital green mechanical drive. If gaming isn't a concern the same also applies for productivity. Install your apps and keep your works in progress on the fastest drive and windows on the other drive. Again if windows dies for some reason and you need to format you dont lose your work.
  8. Quivz

    Fedex Fail

    I ordered an Oculus Quest before easter and it didn't make it here before good friday. Fair enough i had to wait for the weekend and holidays. On Monday it landed in Australia where it cleared customs. On Tuesday just past midnight it landed in my city. I was hoping to get it on the Tuesday, but oh well it didn't make it in time. Delivery was expected by today (Wednesday) at 5pm. Now at 7am on Wednesday it has arrived in the next state over... My delivery is now Thursday...
  9. I see thanks. I will look into my options. Oh wow. Its a lot more professional than i need and it took me a bit to get my head around it (i had some problems with it interlacing my footage which made motion look weird, but i sorted it out), and I was able to produce a new video using it in just a couple of hours, so thank you very much for that tip as well.
  10. Also if anyone knows of any good free editing software... I was trying open shot, but i've nothing but terrible experiences with it so far. I cant preview the video as it stutters like mad. I can't seem to use any sort of cpu or gpu acceleration. And when i do export a finalized video it butchered the audio quality and timings as well as occasional video stutter too. My needs are simple and I've been getting by with the one built into windows photo, but i cant control the quality of the output with that.
  11. Okay, so if i get an audio interface and an xlr mic, would i need a sound card too? I'd heard good things from youtubers about the yeti so had been convinced it was the best direction to go next, but i'm willing to look at other options. Thats why i raised the topic. Although i was also pissed to find the windows usb problem is so prolific. I'm not using OBS at the moment, i was just using the gamebar which was fine for what i'm doing, but i was moving to the next step of recording my mic seperately. I've been trying to use audacity for that, but without the APO equalizer set at +30db it sounds like i'm on the opposite side of the room to the mic. Interestingly gamebar (and recently teams which i've been using to run DND thanks to human malware) doesn't seem so soft. Skype and discord are super soft like audacity. The quality of recording in gamebar has recently become awful though. It was better before, but now its suddenly tinny and has an underwater quality to it. I think whatever boosting its using to bring the volume of my voice up is causing the distortion, but i don't know in truth. I thought a better mic and recording audio separate would solve the issue. I put OBS on just a minute ago and tried recording some audio and its super soft. Unless i raise my voice a lot, something i don't want to be doing for a full hour, it barely gets above -40db in the audio mixer. I can pump it in the equalizer but has same problem as APO equalizer, severe hissing.
  12. Interestingly i dont find people having the too soft problem with your mic, while there are tons with the yeti, even here on these forums. You did say you use it at volume 6, are you referring to the gain knob on the microphone? You're using filters? What kind of filters? There are tons of threads in all sorts of forums and the few times people have actually marked it as solved they've gone the the apo equalizer route. Ive tried that and i sound like i'm talking parseltounge (hissssssss). Nope they use windows drivers. https://www.reddit.com/r/HyperX/comments/cmmrl0/does_the_hyperx_quadcast_microphone_have_a_driver/ If i go a 3.5mm instead of usb mic i'd have to get a soundcard for sure. My motherboard audio is not great. I should point out i'm recording videos for youtube, not streaming, so quality is important. I'm looking to move a step up from my headset mic, but i'm not going full recording studio.
  13. So this problem is common and after much searching i'm pretty confident i know where the issue lies. Microsoft generic USB drivers. The problem has existed since windows 8. Windows 7 did not have this problem. There is an extremely long windows support thread where a microsoft dev was able to replicate the problem, but no one has done anything to fix it. One workaround is to use a software equaliser to boost the mic, but this adds so much static its not a real solution if you're using the mic for anything where quality is important. Another is to buy some sort of mixer that can take a usb mic and so long as it has its own drivers then the problem does not arise. And the last is to run a VM of windows 7 and use it to record the mic audio, which is a painful solution that i'd rather not use. I was considering getting a Blue Yeti USB as an upgrade to my headset mic for recording, but after much searching and finding that the problem is related to microsofts handling of USB and nothing to do with the mic itself I'm now not sure what to do. Perhaps someone here has a solution to the USB problem i haven't come across yet. Otherwise whats a decent mic that uses a 3.5mm jack input of similar quality and price to the Yeti.
  14. The video where the mic audio sucks balzz: The video i recorded before the above one where audio is fine: I want to do another video today, but not if the sound is going to suck.
  15. I've been recording let's plays and previously the mic recording has been fine, but in my latest video it totally sucks. The audio sounds tinny and has an underwater quality to it. I'm using the mic on corsair void elite usb headphones. I've checked the windows setting for voice and it was set to be DVD quality. I've checked the gamebar settings to be 192kb. I'm uploading the video anyway, because i dont have savegame backups and i don't want a missing episode. When it finishes i'll add links for the bad audio and one that was good before it. Nothing on my system has changed in the time between recordings. I don't know what other info you might need to help me so ask and i'll get back to you soon. I'm about to run a D&D session via skype so i'll be busy for a few hours. Hopefully the mic problem doesn't roll over into that too.