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  1. And I can't afford to change cpu + mobo.
  2. I think the cpu is Skylake xeon, I mostly use my rig for editing images with Adobe AI and PS. And Dota 2 is the most heavy game I play, so the the bottleneck is not that much.
  3. Thank guys, guess I go for the 1660S. I heard that Rx 5500 XT will show up this month, but I don't think it will beat the 1660S. And I more thing, if I go with the 1660S will the Corsair CX 550 Bronze will be enough, or should i go with the 650 one?
  4. I replace my old Gtx 750. those 2 are the best for my budget. Other 1660S is like 50-100USD+
  5. Well, I live in Vietnam so there are not many choices, if i buy that card it's like +60 bucks for shipping and tax.
  6. My old vga card died and I need to change to a new one. Which one of the following should I choose: Colorful Gtx 1660 super ~ 240$. OR Gigabyte Rx 590 ~ 184$ My computer's specs is: Intel Xeon E3-1230v5 16GB of Ram.