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  1. Is this a bad score? GPU is stock. Worried that it might be underperforming since im getting a bad benchmark on it on userbenchmark https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/43927097
  2. Tight as it gets. Unsure if it is seated correctly that might be the problem
  3. Fan rpm does vary, when gaming it can reach 2000 rpm, pump 2500. Doesnt make much difference it adjusts automatically
  4. my 9900k is reaching 78c on only 1.2v, using a kraken x62. Fans and pump are working fine i have MCE disabled too. Case is fractal define r6. thermal paste used is what came with the AIO
  5. Which ive already done, synced all cores to 4.9ghz, keeping if off!
  6. i did monitor the voltage and at one point my vcore was at 1.45, doesnt seem very safe! No point having it on then
  7. If i manually overclock, should i have it on? I havent seen any performance gain having it on, so what does it really do? Using a 9900K
  8. What is CPU VCCIO VOLTAGE and CPU System agent voltage? They are both 1.4v, i havent changed but that seems very high. The voltage on my 9900k is at 1.240. Should i be worried?
  9. OC'd it to 4.8 ghz adaptive voltage, 82c while playing witcher 3, didnt think an aio would be this hot.
  10. Got it working, i am not impressed by its performance though. Not much difference from my older 4930k. Who would've thought
  11. So what can i do to guarantee that it boots? Buy a USB and create a windows file with media creation tool?