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    Intel i7 7700k 4.2Ghz Kabylake
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    Asus Strix Z270F Gaming
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    Avexir Core Siries 2400mhz 8gb
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    Asus ROG Mars 760x2
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    NZXT phantom 410
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    Razer BlackWidow Chroma TE
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    cheap mouse
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    Kenwood Aux
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    win 8 pro 64 bit and win 10 64bit

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  1. High CPU usage explorer.exe WIN 10 HELP

    thanks i will try and i will give feed back about this soft
  2. High CPU usage explorer.exe WIN 10 HELP

    now im trying malwarebyte but before this i tried 3 type antivirus and malware but none of them seem can fix this problem, and yea i need to end the task and restart it back, but after i start the process again its seem normal..it will come back after 10 minutes +-
  3. hello guys i recently got this problem (state in pic) 2 weeks ago, i do the virus scan nothing found, i need to end task this process then start it back but it will come again and again and again, please help me guys..is it this is virus or something bug with my operating system? thnks
  4. High Static pressure 120

    thanks a lot mate
  5. High Static pressure 120

    yes mate, thats why i put bang for buck up there, so anything can compare with corsair ml siries?
  6. High Static pressure 120

    so xpensive
  7. High Static pressure 120

    hi guys.. can help me list fan that best on high static pressure deliver, i dont care about noise, because now i bang for bucks so beside Corsair sp120 high performance siries, which brand that can perform the same p/s i gonna use for radiator and its have 4 pins not 3
  8. hi bro can u  help me over here. about gtx 980


    1. Strike105X


      Sorry I only have proper experience with AMD cards, had only two Nvidia cards in my life... One was a lot of years ago and the other one by default boosted itself at high overclocking values.

    2. maniey


      thanks anyway bro

    3. Strike105X


      Np, i hope you got it sorted though...

  9. GTX 980 REOC need guide

    already try bro but seem its doenst cahnge at all..i only able to control fan speed..any idea?
  10. GTX 980 REOC need guide

    guys recently i using gtx 980 ref edition by asus, i want to OC memory clock which is default 7010MHz, i already OC it using Asus GPU tweak and msi After burner but nothing change, its still showing default clock can anyone help me how to change the memory clock and even core clock, using that sofware im only able change fan speeed
  11. i was plalning to sell it and getting another siries that duall channel..now i got the answer so i will add 1 more stick 8gb same siries. ty alot mate
  12. will do that..but i will buy same siries for shore
  13. 1 more answer thats make me feel so relief..thanks mate
  14. thanks mate..i hope answer number was right..bcos i cant find it on google