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  1. Yeah its the boot drive. I used the Samsung solar to migrate my drive over. Its the evo 970
  2. Hi all. I've recently installed an NVME drive in my computer, and it seems to have effected how much I can overclock my gpu? I'm only using MSI afterburner for my overclocking and userbenchmark.com for my results but if I try and overclock like I did before when I was using the SATA drive, the benchmark doesn't quite run all the way through and doesn't give a score. I'm on an ASROCK b450 steel legend Mboard and the gpu is in the steel slot. (Nearest the CPU). THE NVME is in the slot marked "ultra m.2" I don't think they're on the same lanes? I do have another m.2 slot and another pciex 16 slot. Its only getting to 75oc in the benchmark so isn't overheating. Before the NVME upgrade my gpu was "'performing above expectations' its now performing below expectations and if I overclock I dont get a read out at all. My rig is: Ryzen 5 3600 GTX1050TI 16gb ram Before you jump up and down about the older GPU. It plays all my games at 1080p a refresh rate higher than my monitor refresh rate. So no need for an upgrade just yet. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  3. I have a B450 Steel Legend and an R5 3600. The bios came already updated, but I don't think that's guaranteed for all.
  4. So o surely buying the same type as the black one does exactly the same?
  5. WelI by buying another xpg. They'd match lol
  6. Hi all. I'm running the two sticks of ram in the pic (mismatch I know). I think it looks like the green one is 2400 mhz and the black one is 3000 mhz? I've enabled xmp and they're both running 2666 mhz From a cost effective standpoint. Is it worth selling the green and buying another black one? And am I assuming those speeds correctly? I'm running: R5 3600 16gb ram Gtx 1050ti
  7. Ohrite, might be a consideration of the data transfer seems straight forward or if there's easy to use software about
  8. there are other migration tools you can use instead of the samsung one, but if you are stuck using that one. the 970 evo is fine, tho rather expencive for what it offers. Would you recommend a better alternative
  9. Yeah, as long as I can use the migration software to migrate my boot drive
  10. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a noob around these parts, didn't realize that if I selected the text it does that Thanks for the feedback :):):)
  11. hahaha, yeah that crossed my mind, but diddn't want to look like a doughnut by assuming that! hahaah, Yeah, it looks exactly like this:
  12. Thanks, how can I find the difference?
  13. Hi all, I'm looking at an NVME drive, and wondered about the compatabillity to my motherboard The motherboard I am running is an ASRock B450 Steel Legend and the drive I am considering is: Samsung 970 Evo plus NVME Or alternatively, what Samsung NVME would be compatible and recommended (500gb - 1TB)