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  1. The noise is definitely coming from the motherboard. As long as its not harmful, its all good in my books. I will be replacing my build within a few years anyways, so it just needs to last me a couple years.
  2. Just to confirm. It is the motherboard, correct? I got the motherboard for free off a friend, but it had bent pins. I sent it back to asus and they fixed it for me for a fee, but it still has 1 month of warranty left for it. I could try to rma it back to them, but i'm honestly too lazy to take my build apart and put it back together if the issue is nothing to worry about.
  3. I've recently built my rig about 2 weeks ago, and recently I've noticed that i have been getting a strange electric/static sound coming from the inside of my pc when I drag my mouse anywhere When my computer has to think about doing any tasks When watching videos and dragging a video time to an unbuffered location When in bios, the sound becomes the worse, as any mouse movement makes the noise https://imgur.com/gallery/mG11i36 This is what it sounds like. EDIT: I've noticed that it actually makes this noise all the time at idle, but it is also impossible to distinguish unless i stick my head inside my case.After listening to the sound carefully, using a piece of paper rolled up, i have pinpointed the sound to be coming from the motherboard, mainly where the cpu/heat sink is.If this is to be coil whine, can it be potentially harmful to my pc? My computer is not overclocked, but i do plan on overclocking it soon. If its just an annoying noise, i can live with it, if it will not cause any hardware problems.
  4. I got it to work. Problem was that my ram wasn't pushed in fully at the bottom. I was able to install it backwards before, but only the top part where the notch clicks was in. The bottom was not fully inserted in, because the notch in the middle of the ram and ram slot don't line up, so it will only clip in either from only the top, or the bottom.
  5. The popping sound came from my power supply. I figured it had something to do with the rgb lights still being on, hence still giving power through the power supply. I don't think the case is touching the case, because i made sure to remove all the screws and check to see if my motherboard had the standoffs in the screw holes with a magnifying glass, and they all did. I will try all the steps above and reply back later today, i have to go to work soon. Also another thing i recently just figured out. Somehow one of my motherboard screws is missing.... i don't know if it dropped in the case or what. I tried giving the case a shake and moving it around, but could not find it. I doubt it could've gone behind the motherboard because it barely has any room behind it, other than for it to slightly support the motherboard off the back of the case.I put in a new screw into that missing hole though.
  6. As mentioned in the title, i just recently finished my build, i boot it up. Everything is fine, my radiator fans turn on, pump is on, all the rgb on the motherboard, fans and pump work. GPU fan is spinning. I am getting no display and my mouse and keyboard that i plug into the case and motherboard do not light up, or work. The only issue is that my ram does not light up (it is rgb ram) and my motherboard has a built in code protocol and it says code 53. I've looked it up and it says it is a memory issue, as i have a flashing dram light on my motherboard.I am running the rig with no internal drives, because i planned to transfer my old drive from my current rig to my new one, but i wanted to test it first before i wiped it, and for this same reason is why i didn't wipe it yet.My specs are:Motherboard: Asus maximus viii formulaRam: G skill trident 3200mhz (2x8G)CPU: I7 6700kCooler: Deepcool castle v2 240 rgbGPU: pny gtx 1080Case: nzxt h500PSU: EVGA G5 650Keep in mind, i have put in my gpu in my old system, and it works just fine. So it is not a gpu problem. Power supply works fine as well, because it is in the build that i am currently typing in.Maybe some helpful things to know: My motherboard and cpu were my friends that he sold to me. The motherboard had bent pins, and i sent it to asus to get it fixed, paying $100 for the repair fee, and they sent me a refurbished board.I also had an issue screwing in the screws in the motherboard, as 2 screws would not tighten all the way, and would just spin forever. I don't know if these problems could be causing it, but it is something that i thought could maybe lead to the issue.Also, the first time i booted the system, i noticed that i somehow had placed the ram in the wrong way. I don't know how, but the ram slot still clicked and i was able to put in the ram, but i looked up online and saw that i had it backwards.My motherboard rgb is still on even when i turn off my pc, unless i flip the power switch on my power supply. Can this short and fry my motherboard? It already made a popping sound once when i turned it off. I will probably be turning my pc on and off multiple times, and i'm scared to try and unplug stuff without the psu switch being turned off, because there is still technically electricity in my board for the LED lights that are still on when its turned off.Please help me. This issue is extremely frustrating, i have spent a lot of money fixing this stupid board, and i'm afraid that with me not being able to access the bios to turn off the leds, i will fry my board switching the power on and off through the power supply fixing this stupid problem.