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    Building Computers, Fixing Bugs/troubleshooting and Deploying Software for a Living, Aprat from that I love Football, Badminton and Cycling.
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    Bla bla bla!
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    Freelance SysAdmin & Consultant

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  1. New Header Photo for LTT.

    Check it out at https://pixelfed.social/p/n4vn33t/141405918196797440



  2. Besto ThinkPads!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MEC-777


      She hasn't had any issues with it that I know of. Runs fairly cool and near silent. She's running Linux Mint on it, which is very efficient on resources though. 

    3. clickme.sh


      @MEC-777 That's great! 

    4. clickme.sh


      @Navneethakrishnan is my OG account lol!

  3. Created Twitch streaming account! Time to test it out.




  4. image.png.1b36164a20961fd265289a1ffea634b7.png


    When you A$$ is on the line! @OlympicAssEater will come to the rescue. xD

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      i wonder he's participating in the upcoming 2020 Olympics.

    2. amdorintel


      from what animal does Olympic eat?

  5. Why encrypt your emails ? | PGP #EMAILSELFDEFENSE 


    Read more at : https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/en/index.html


    Click to view the infographic.




  6. Do you guys use GPG for Emails and Communication? 

    If yes then you can find my public key, GPG Fingerprint and OMEMO/XMPP Info at https://navneetsuresh.keybase.pub/OMEMO-PGP-Fingerprint-Info.txt

  7. This week I set up an instance of  Taiga Project Management Suite for my client on Vultr and I really appreciate the quality documentation they have provided.

    10/10 would love to set it up again haha!
    Vultr Cloud is great! Apart from intermittent small issues.

  8. Hey guys I lost access to my main account, @Navneet hence I had to create this one. I was stupid to create it with a temporary email ID hence couldn't activate it after even though I had the password, because I couldn't retrieve the login token :/ . Anyways this will be my new home If I don't get that back  :)

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    2. colonel_mortis


      The support thing goes to me, and I will go through the recent tickets and replies when I get a chance, so I'll address it there

    3. Navneethakrishnan


      @colonel_mortis Thank you! I really appreciate that!

    4. clickme.sh


      Navneet is back! thanks to @colonel_mortis :D