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  1. I use high. What's weird is I can definitly stream at 1920p and 60 fps because I did it before and it was fine =/
  2. Hi there! Stream's fine and everything until I start moving in PUBG then it gets quite blurry. Not sure to understand because I have a pretty good PC and good internet (22 upload et 200 down). I'm at 6000 bitrate since it's the maximum twitch allows.I also streamed before with my new CPU and everything was fine but now it looks like poop Thanks and have a wonderful day Specs: Ryzen 7 3700X 16GB ram card: MSI 2070 super OBS setting: 60 fps Encoder: NVENC.H.264(new) 6000 bitrate Rate control: CBR Preset: Quality Profil: high Resolution: 1920x1080p Downscale filter: Lanczos Shameless advertisement: Twitch.tv/TyriixD
  3. Depends, do you already own an old AMD processor or are you switching from Intel? Depending when your board was manifactured, it should come with the latest bios and be able to at least boot up with the 3rd Gen so you can update the bios. If it's an old board, you'll need an old AMD CPU that the board support so you can boot to the bios, if you don't want to do that, you can always bring the board to a computer shop and they'll do it for you. I had the same questionning by buying a X470 Pro from asus but mine came with the BIOS that supported the 3rd gen so I just needed to update it.
  4. Update, the motherboard came with the BIOS updated! I ran into some issue cause I tried changing the RAM frequency but I forgot to change the XMP profile (I'm an idiot). Anyway, everything is working now running PUBG at 200+ FPS, life is great. Thanks for all your advices Here's the final result and the build! CPU: Ryzen 3700X GPU: MSI RTX 2070 Super Mobo: Asus Prime X470 Pro Ram: Trident Z Royal 3600MHz 18CAL 16GB Case: Corsait 220T PSU: Corsair TMX750W
  5. Thanks for the welcoming I don't see the sticker on it But I guess I'll give it a shot. I assume if the bios isn't updated, it just won't boot?
  6. Hey, decided to jump on the red train and get the Ryzen 3700X. I picked the Asus Prime X470 Pro Mobo and I was wondering if the board comes with the latest version of the BIOS since it's been out for awhile. Unfortunatly this motherboard doesn't have the bios flash update feature and I would need an old AMD CPU to update it which I don't have. Thanks much love.