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Posts posted by Hashemdweikat

  1. 2 hours ago, Syaoran said:

    I have the same GPU, and mine has a LED that tells me it's getting power. I don't know if all of them have a LED but let us know if it's on. Which GPU brand do you have, Gigabyte, MSI, XFX?

    Also I don't know if you're new to pc building but is the GPU connected to the PSU?

    And I don't think the BIOS is the problem here


    It doesn't matter if the RAM is on the QVL, RAM is RAM and the computer will turn on.

    Will the computer run perfectly? Probably not but it will at least turn on.


    Where did you read that? It's actually better to use 2 RAM stick than 1 single RAM stick

    sorry i meant that it is better supported to be dual channel

  2. 2 minutes ago, minibois said:

    That CPU has no built in GPU, so you won't get signal from it. B450 was made in a time Ryzen 2000 existed, so it will have the right BIOS for the CPU.

    Plug your video cable into your GPU, ensure your monitor is set to the correct signal and try resetting the CMOS (check your motherboard manual on how to do that exactly on your board). 

    Are there any LEDs turning on, on your board? More specifically any debug LEDs (typically located on the upper right side of the board)? Have you tried booting with a single stick of RAM in slot 2?

    yeah the motherboard LEDs are working and i tried one stick of ram in different slots and tried the other stick as well, tried to connect using the graphics card with different ports but no display

  3. i recently built a pc with a b450m-a asus motherboard and a ryzen 5 2600 cpu along with 16 gb 3000MHz of ram and a rx 580 8gb GPU.

    now i am having an issue with this pc, whenever i turn it on, the fans are spinning and everything seems to work but no display on the monitor.

    i tried swithcing cables and ports i rebuilt the pc, made sure of everything connected correctly, tried onboard graphics and external graphics but still no display.

    i am afraid that it is a bios issue since it may need an update but unfortunately i don,t have an older gen cpu to test this..

    has anyone ever had this kind of issue before i will be happy to hear your opinions ...