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  1. I couldn’t find a site that mapped a bios to a set of compatible components but it does list that the CPU is compatible with the board. do you k ow of a good reference site? thanks for your help
  2. Thanks! ive unplugged everything in and out again and now I get B2. After some reading I think it needs a BIOS update for this error too. ive ordered a CPU with integrated graphics so hopefully I can fix with the update. thanks for your help, I’ll drop an update here if it works....
  3. Thanks for help. Just wondering how to update BIOS without a display?
  4. Thank you Emosun. So I’ve checked the latest BIOS updates on the MSI website and it doesn’t mention anything to do with GPU and the board itself advertises itself as Ryzen 3000 compatible. Looking at the serial number it looks like the 2070 Super was released after the board was manufactured so that could indicate it needs updating? thanks for your help Emoson!
  5. I have built a new,personal computer. This is my first build so apologies if there is a very obvious solution. my build has the following: Ryzen 3950x MSI X570 Creation Motherboard Nvidia 2070 Super Hyper X Ram NVME hard drive When I turn on the computer I get hit with error 62. I read that this might be due to the GPU connection. I’ve tried two slots and I get the same error. If I remove the graphics card I get error D6 (which I expected because I have no integrated graphics). I would really appreciate any suggestions. The next option from my reading appears to be a BIOS update. I’d appreciate a good reference article if this really is necessary as I don’t want to break my board. Thank you all!