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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a keyboard that will be used mostly to type, and some occasional gaming. I would like something wireless so i could transport it easily and use it at some distance from my pc. I read that bluethooth keyboards have some latency, so i was looking for a wireless one. doesn't need to be mechanical, because I don't like the sound of the keys, or have RGB, but some backlight is welcome. i'm from portugal, and my budget is somewhere near 70€ (~80USD). Thanks
  2. Hi i want to buy a monitor to work at home (i'm a developer) and occasionally play some games, and watch some movies. i prefer a 27" but a 24" would do the work. The features i value the most are the image quality, and small bezels. Preferably a resolution higher than full hd. I'm from Portugal, and my budget is ~200-300€ (~220-330USD) Thank you for your help