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    Photo, video, music, piano, digital art, writing, history


  • CPU
    Athlon 200GE
  • Motherboard
    Asus A320
  • RAM
    8G DDR 4 Crucial
  • GPU
    Vega 3(APU)
  • Case
    Noname mini ATX
  • Storage
    WD Green 120Gb
  • PSU
    Aerocool VX
  • Display(s)
    ACER V246HQL 24.6"
  • Cooling
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    Lenovo combo
  • Mouse
    Lenovo combo
  • Sound
    JBL GO2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. Done Question , continue this post, like add more photos to this post, or make new post?
  2. Alien themed, you already have these creepy cables.
  3. Do you have plans to mount old rangefinder, and other film era optics to this camera?
  4. mi airbuds. For me sounds very nice. In my opinion sound quality equal to cx 200
  5. Just found two more SIMM sticks :-) And K6. And Socket7 motherboard with both, SIMM and DIMM slots. And there is problem appears from nowhere. I just can't find any blank CD-R in my city stores.
  6. S3 video card PCI (1 megabyte video RAM), ESS Audiodrive audio card ISA, FDD Mitsumi, no name CD drive 12x, 2x 1 Gb IDE HDD, 8 Megabytes of RAM, and ordinary Pentium 120 Mhz. Cool gaming PC for 1995.
  7. Ready for rebuild my very first PC. Socket 7 mother board
  8. Never know that, thank you. So there is a new advantage, I can place Raspi in any corner or home.
  9. Sorry for simplified English. Now it is time, I need to build my personal NAS server. But I do not wanted spend any rubles on this build, because I have enough scrap parts. So there is tree ways to approach my goal. The fast and simple solution. Raspberry Pi B3+ (not exactly a scrap) Advantages: good software, fast build, power efficient, rational. Disadvantages: USB 2.0 Power limitations to HDD, in best scenario you can connect maximum 1 HDD, other HDD needs power supply The fast and simple solution 2. Old netbook ASUS 1015BX Advantages: more good software fo x86 architecture, fast build, almost power efficient, almost rational. Disadvantages: 2GB of ram, USB 2.0, only 2 HDD maximum, One in direct SATA connection to motherboard, and another via USB, need to build case, I only have single motherboard. Not fast, not rational way. Build NAS from 775 socket parts. Advantages: no limitations in software, 4 SATA HDD. I can use quad core CPU or simple Celeron. Disadvantages: Not power efficient, not silent, not cool. I will try all of these. And will tell about them in this post. Which one build you wanna see first, or maybe you have some advices for me? teaser photo: "the scrap parts" silent 1015bx notebook.
  10. Sorry for simplified English. Hi. I want build new PC from old parts. My goal: build a nice PC from old parts for family. Tasks for this PC: browsing internet, watch video, basic gaming, simple strategy/economical games Parts I have: i5 4460, w. cooler. DDR 3: 2x 4gb stick, 3x 2 gb, 2x 1gb Old, I mean very old heavy ATX case, ATX PSU (Not on photo) 3x 2,5" HDD 250Gb Questions: 1. Which Mini ITX / ATX 1150 motherboard do you recommend for this build? 2. Is it possible made silent PC in ITX case from this parts? 3. Do I need SSD for my tasks or ordinary HDD is enough? Thank you!
  11. Linux distros for Power PC architecture just awful. Slow, and sometimes just do not work.
  12. I have solution for this type of problem. For example I can replace IBM IDE HDD to micro SD card. IDE to CF, CF to SD, SD to micro SD. It will work as SSD for this, and make IBook or another laptop quiet. Oh... I just google it. there is IDE to MicroSD adapters.
  13. New year upgrade: M2 SSD: WD green 120 Gb ~$24 Monitor: ACER V246HQL ~$95 "Old" SATA SSD goes to Lenovo t63 notebook. Monitor, good for movies, bad for games. Very bright, big. But strong ghost effect. On photo new interior. Old 600 Gb HDD are hidden.