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  1. Thanks for the reply rascal. Unfortunately no, I cannot. There's no video output. Oh interesting - yesterday I came to a similar conclusion slightly differently; I noticed that FM2+ CPUs were only added to the BIOS changelog after the second release. I thought it was unlikely to still be running on F1, but I didn't think to check the CPU support page's supported BIOS column as it seems you did. If support didn't come till F3/F5, it's quite possible it's on F1/2. I've definitely been trying 1 8GB stick of 3 different brands. No luck. I'm thinking it's the bios issue. Sadly, I don't think there's any means of flashing this thing without an older processor, so the search has begun!
  2. So I'm working with a GA-F2A88X-D3H motherboard and X4 860k. Old parts, I know. Built a system around this and am getting a strange beep code. Strange to me, but I don't normally work with Gigabyte boards. Google didn't help either so I'm wondering if anyone here has run into it. Hard to describe: It does 4 longer* beeps then changes pitch (higher) for the 5th, followed by three short beeps at the same, higher pitch. *I say longer because it's not the traditional 1-2 Mississippi length, but certainly longer than the three rapid fire beeps that follow. I have tried: Motherboard out of case on cardboard. 3 different DDR3 ram kits, all working in other systems, from G.Skill, Patriot and Timetec. (Note: all three are 8GB DIMMS; I don't have smaller sticks to test with). 4 different GPUs GPU in secondary PCIe slot Pulling out all memory, which results in rapid fire beeping, so it acknowledges a change at least. Swapping out the CPU for an A10-7850k. Same result, over and over. The only thing I can think of is the board not liking 8GB ram modules. I have another FM2 board here so I'll start testing the CPUs in that board to rule them out... but both having issues seems unlikely. Thoughts?