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  1. what do you recommend for graphics cards i want the best the motherboard can handle
  2. cable management for this thing is a nightmare it has two seperate sets of cables for older pc and newer i was thinking about a more manageable 1000 watt supply
  3. i was thinking of a Intel Core i7-990X can the board handle it? will there be a bottle necks or compatibility issues? I don't understand the lingo will i how many cores and threads does this CPU have i currently have 4 cores and 8 threads on mine
  4. I'm currently trying to max out my old PC to give it more life i wanna do a FINAL upgrade on it. This is the specs I'm looking for the strongest CPU ram and GPU's (SLI or crossfire) it can handle. I need advice on what to upgrade also i wanna go with an improved air cooler if anyone has suggestion please help me out. This is the current specs. cpu intel I7 cpu 920 @2.67ghz 8 core ram 24GB other DDR3? 1066mhz DIMM 9.9mb reserve gpu amd radeon HD 7900 mainboard MSI X58 platnium exress power supply 1000wt coolmaster case centurion 590 disc intel ssdsc2bw2404a4 ata disc samsung 860evo 2 tb disc wdc wd3000glfs-10f8u0 ata device disc wdc wd5002abys-01b1b0 ata device I'm planning on upgrading to another SSD for the C drive disc 1. Game drive is fine (disc 2) and storage are the last two i'm gonna swap them out for large capacity spin drives. I wanna max out the CPU and GPU and go to a fast high capacity ram all the maximum the board can handle. I cannot afford to build a new PC yet i need this one to last a few more year i'm not that smart with PC but if you make suggestion on what to get i can get it and build it. I have aslo put in a pic with the cover off of this old gal.