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  1. What i dont understand is that Wifi has been around for years, and allows for minimal latency and for a lot of data throughput - Why can't bluetooth be the same? Why cant it be both low latency and high quality? I dont understand it - Its a given that wireless would have some delay in it...But not by a full 0.5 seconds. We're coming up to 2020 now - Why does it still feel like we're in the stone age?
  2. Thanks again for the reccomendations...However... So i went ahead and bought the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 2's, as Kokakolia suggested...And i returned them 3 hours later. Evidently, Wireless isnt a avenue i would like to pursue - It needs expensive bluetooth transmitters if i want to use it for my PC with low latency and high quality, my main use case, and its not something i considered until i actually went to buy them. They were amazing for music, better than my M50X's by a margin that justifies the price...But for gaming? Again, my main usecase...The sounds were muffled and...Yea, not great. I use my current headphones for equal parts gaming and music, and doesnt let down in any regard...I dont understand why Bose would be good at one thing, but then ingame music is worse...Somehow. If, however, someone could suggest a good bluetooth adapter/transmitter, i may still consider wireless as an option. I apologise i didnt actually mention what exactly i was going to use it for...OOoopps.... So yea, im still open to suggestions with that usecase in mind, if anyone had any ideas. I did see the Sony WH-1000XM3 as an option, but im afraid it might have the same problem as the bose - Amazing for music, terrible for gaming. I find it kinda amusing that the M50X's, studio monitors, seem better for that use than the bose was...
  3. Thanks for the reccomendations! Will have a look at them!
  4. So after extensive research, im at my wits end and decided to try and get a second opinion for most of the headsets ive looked at...Dont seem to really...Tickle my pickle. Currently, i have a pair of Audio Technica M50X's, wired, and i am looking for something similar. Obviously another pair of them, or the wireless version would be an obvious choice...But im wondering if there is anything better. Admitedly, despite being something of an audiophile...I have no idea how i go about buying a new headphone, or really how things like amps etc really work. Someone just bought me a pair of M50x's one day, and fell in love with high quality sound ever since. These are my priorities in order of importance from greatest to least. #1: Sound Quality - They have to be on par or better in terms of sound quality to the ATM50X's. I like a bit of bass, but not so much that it drowns out every else, like my old pair of Razer Krakens i had a few years back. #2: Comfort - Okay so i know comfort is kind of a nubulous thing, everyone's head is shaped differently...but yea #3: Wireless, preferably. The wire kinks are getting to me man! ...Buuut so long as its braided, it might be fine. But yea...Wireless prefered. #4: Closed back....Buuut im willing to give open back a shot, if the reccomendations are good enough. #5: Amp etc not required - Being able to plug the headphones straight in to my PC or phone is a plus...But again, willing to give that a try. #6: RGB...because RGB #7: Ive got a decent budget, but im not gonna break the bank, i dont really want to go over £250 if i can manage it ($320 US dollars) #8: Mic. A mic is nowhere near necessary, as i already have a desktop microphone. If something is good and just so happens to have a microphone? Great. Otherwise, im just looking for a pair of headphones, not a headset. Any recommendations would be appreciated!