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  1. Bump More detailed info here https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/256276/random-stuttering-in-battles-and-campaign#latest
  2. First one is with DX12 on This is back to DX11 And this is another with DX11 for comparison. Every time it spikes I feel it, its this super noticeable microstutter for just a brief moment. Its really annoying, I don't think this should be happening. I messed with Vsync more and it does seem to stop with it off but things just aren't as smooth with it off, and using Radeon Chill to limit FPS doesn't seem to work very will and just causes weird issues (like 3 beeps in the middle of a game unprompted). All in all, I'm getting really frustrated with this software and GPU. I've had crashes, the display shut off the software just stop working and not able to reopen. As well as this weird thing where the windows taskbar appears for a brief second and disappears as soon as it popped in (been in windowed mode, dunno if that has anything to do with it).
  3. Afraid not, I can screenshot the graph after a period of time of gameplay. And DX12 made it a bit worse.
  4. As the title says, I'm experiencing frame time issues when playing Warhammer 2. The game runs at a relatively stable 55-60 FPS at mostly High settings with Ultra unit sizes. However, every so often, far too common than should be normal I get frame time jumps that go up into the 40ms area. They happen all over the place at seemingly random intervals. Nothing on screen such as the sudden occurrence of more spell effects or lots of units smashing against each other seem to affect it. It really is just random. If I were to put any kind of pattern to it, it seems to happen most when I begin to move/pan the camera around the map. It occurs both on the campaign map and in battles. I've seen no answers to this online, and none of my adjustments and attempted fixes have worked, from adjusting virtual memory, changing to windowed mode, turning off V-SYNC have worked. The game runs smooth, but the frame times are off, and it only appears to happen in this game. I haven't spent enough time with other games yet to see if its a problem elsewhere. My system specs are MOBO: ASUS TUF-gaming x570 plus CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x GPU: Sapphire 5700 XT RAM: 16gb 3200hz SSD: Western DIgital 1tb Monitor: BenQ GL2460 1920x1080 Mostly stock settings, I've set my gpu to overclock somewhat when playing Warhammer 2, it helped the average frames but I still get those frame time spikes. Thanks in advance for help and responses.
  5. So my score under the performance option was 5112 with 1080p extreme. I compared to another person on the site who had a 3800x which has a sightly higher clock speed and their score is 5514, and the site I was shown using the 9900k had a score of 5532. Idk how to measure the scores really, but it seems that the difference between 3.6cpu speed and 3.9 adds 400 points. Regarding the chart I was shown and FPS, I assume they're using averages, at which point I averaged 38, the chart 41, and the guy with the 3800x also 41. Guess I'm not far off for lower CPU speeds. So I guess everything is normal. Thoughts?
  6. I ran the bios again and it was literally as easy as enabling DOCP as the video says. Running CPUID shows the frequency from 1012ish to about 1600 which is great. What an easy fix, I've had a lot of help today and yesterday from here and the steam forum. I really appreciate all the contributions everyone has made.
  7. Alright very good thanks folks! I'm also noticing a bit more RAM usage than I'd like, a lot coming from random corsair crap, probably caused by ICUE which I kinda need. Should I also increase virtual memory via Windows performance options? I remember doing this once years ago but don't recall whether it did anything or not. I'll give superposition a run too and see how it goes. And Like I said a bit earlier, it seems the blood setting was a huge culprit in my Ultra fps settings. I think the way it adjusts quality to match the Ultra settings has something to do with. That isn't a setting I want to sacrifice, so I'll probably just do some tweaks in game, with shadows and SSAO maybe. I'm going to give the RAM increase a go though in the bios real quick.
  8. Yes, I think that's right. It's set to disabled, I should enable it then I assume?
  9. I'll give that video a watch, thanks. And yeah, I know where XMP SHOULD be, but its probably under a different name, not sure what yet because I haven't seen it in the bios. Regarding the skaven benchmark, it seems the blood and gore tanks my FPS by a good 20 or so, turning that off makes it run far smoother at ultra, so I'll probably just mess with settings and get it where I like. Overall, while I still want to fix my RAM, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my GPU whatsoever. This is the only real benchmark I've been able to compare to. The first two benchmark clips are the same as mine, but I'm hesitant to trust the third one. The skaven benchmark here appears to have been tampered with. In my skaven benchmark, there are more visual effects especially at the end of the benchmark clip, where the lizards SHOULD be glowing green in this video yet they are not. However, aside from that, when I match his settings I do get virtually the same FPS at a difference of 0.1 - 1. Granted, I also did a bunch of tweaking following another video, here but I did not compare to the benchmark video until after I had already followed this second video. No idea what changed entirely, and no idea what kind of other settings the benchmark video has. I'm starting to rest easier at least.
  10. Awesome I’ll give DX12 a try and see how that goes. It’ll be a good 6 hours before I can do anymore tests though. As for how it runs playing normally, it’s about 44-55 maybe a little less playing normally on a 20v20 tomb kings vs vampire counts custom battle I did.
  11. No I don’t use DX12 in the game’s options. And 1920x1080
  12. Here's a 3DMark link for Firestrike, let me know if it doesn't work. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/41761660? I don't think triple buffering is the issue, vsync on vs off doesn't seem to change anything aside from the screen tearing, but I'll run some more tests with AMD Radeon Settings to be sure.
  13. With Vsync off the performance is really the same, just more screen tearing and higher numbers where it would normally hit 60. Still hits the same numbers in those more intensive spots. Regarding my memory, no I don’t think it is. BIOS main menu reads it at 2133, but I haven’t gotten around to messing with that yet. Any suggestions for that? I appreciate the replies.
  14. Hi, I just built a new PC this past weekend, CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x GPU: Sapphire Pulse 5700 xt RAM: Corsair vengeance 16gb 3200mhz MOBO: ASUS TUF-Gaming plus x570 (without WiFi) MEM: Western Digital 1TB SSD I actually have been talking about this on the steam forums under total war Warhammer II but I thought it prudent to come here. Basically, out of the two benchmarks in game to use, the skaven benchmark being the more intensive one, I average only about 53 FPS at ultra preset setting with v-sync on. Two points in the battle the FPS dips down to 44, and the last few seconds of the benchmark it dips as low as 33. Additionally, I ran a battle with Tomb Kings and Vampire counts with a variety of units and magic, and once the battle started it was difficult to hit 60 again (same ultra preset). Zooming in and around saw as low as 27 and playing normally saw roughly 40-55. Really I‘m just trying to determine if this performance is totally normal, or whether there may be some fault with my system or software/drivers. Users on steam seem to suggest I should be getting much higher average frames for my system. Drivers are up to date, BIOS as well. Thanks for your time.