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  1. so i bought a new pc with a i7 8700k motherboard prime z370-p croshair vangaunce rgb ddr4 3000 mzh m.2 ssd 128 gb 1tb seagate sata with an gtx 1080 msi but i been havin some problems like for a while me games will run fine and than sudenly wen i close game and wanne restart it it havin trouble startin up like it gets no responding it keeps makin the mouse move on loadin screen and than sudenly it gets the no responsing and start not work and wen i wait for long period time like 1-2 mins it loads i dont know what problem it can cause gpu- cpu - or hdd i hope one of you can help me also some updated i reinstaled me ssd m.2 like 2 times same crap happens also took me 1080 gtx out and tested it with the main board gpu and same happens so im not sure what it is now update v2 now i rienstaled me pc again with ssd only and i still have same problems with no response time and now wen i play the game happens even more now it goes like that showin slow respond time and than loads back to normal like nothing happent does this mean ssd is dead?