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  1. Still no luck. Ready to throw in the towel... Cannot find a repair shop willing to look at it in my area. The i7 will not do anything aside from flaws the light under the RAM. I checked for bent pins and nothing looked off. I really do not want to go buy another board after all this.
  2. Tried it without the case also. I cannot update the bios if it won’t boot, correct? I’m going to contact a local shop and have them take a look.
  3. Update: Got an 8th generation chip and still having issues. The LED beneath the RAM flashes but nothing else seems to have changed. I’ve taken everything apart and reseated it. I stripped it down to just the processor, SSD, and RAM.
  4. Still hoping to find an i8 somewhere. Any chance this isn’t the issue? Aorus seems to market the Rev: 1.0 as compatible with 9th generation chips.
  5. I’ll see if I can get my hands on one. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Hi everyone, I am working on my first build and I have read a lot of troubleshooting guides to no avail. Here is my situation: When powering on the PC, the CPU light comes on. It flashes back and forth to the DRAM light several times. The motherboard glows orange and the powers supply fan starts and stops multiple times. I have tried removing all parts and still have the same issue. The power supply is functioning normally on its own. It appears as though it is power cycling or alternating between BIOS. When the cooler is plugged in it rotated through RGB but shuts off and restarts. With the graphics card installed the unit will not power on at all. I have tried using only the 24-pin connecter, it and the 4x2, and adding the 2x2. The results have been consistent between both power supplies. Any additional troubleshooting tips would be appreciated as I am brand new. Aorus Elite Z390 Intel i9-9900 Corsair Hydro H150i MSI GeForce RTX 2080 OLOy 32GB XPG PCIe Corsair RM750