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  1. I just watched a before you buy video on it and I’m feeling pretty sold. On the epic games store it’s only showing one version of the game. Is there no premium edition that comes with future dlc? Also are you interested in being steam friends? You seem like a pretty cool individual!
  2. Speak of the devil. Outer worlds is on sale half off! And I have a 10$ epic coupon. So I could get it for $20, what ya think? Any future dlc coming?
  3. I’ve never connected a controller, is it as simple as plug and play or more involved? (PS4 controller)
  4. The outer worlds looked good. Haven’t done that much looking into it but it looked similar to fall out feel. Which is pretty cool. Considering Bethesda has lost all hope. I played the Witcher 3 on PS4 for a good chunk of time and now I’m back to square one on pc and I just haven’t gotten to play it yet. The mouse controls felt a little weird but that’s nothing a bit of time won’t fix.
  5. I totally totally agree with playing with friends. But unfortunately my switch to Pc has resulted with me having 0 friends. And as far as the amount of gaming do is pretty small compared to what it used to be. So definitely not “over gaming”
  6. Thanks for the quick reply I’ll look into those
  7. Greetings. I am here in hope for some advice. Lately I have been having difficulty enjoying my current pc games. All the games I have currently (Destiny 2+ all expansions, red dead 2, borderlands 3, modern warfare, and the Witcher 3) I was trouble figuring out why. I hopped on Zelda breath of the wild on my switch today and found my answer to why my lack of enjoyment is. Zelda breath of the wild felt a lot more relaxed without being overly simple. Casual without being dull. All my current Pc games I feel almost “obligated” to play per say because of investment rather than something I can just pick up and have fun while still retaining complexity, story, and lots of content. I’m also a fan of the puzzles in Zelda by the way. So with not having many gamer friends I have come to the internet in search of potential advice on what game might suit me. Thank you for your time, hope I hear from someone
  8. Okay just took a stick out and nothing changed. Going to put it back in now. I was also wondering if maybe the type of ram it is is a problem? I’m not very informed in this topic but I’ve heard something about MHz speed of ram? Idk? If it helps the ram I’m using is by a brand called AVEXIR and it says on the label “8GBx4 DDR4-2400 C16 1.2V” it saying 8gbx4 is a bit interesting. Maybe this type of ram is designed to be quad channel; 4 sticks in at once? And perhaps the previous owner took one out? Just spit balling here
  9. I will take a ram stick out and reply back with any further development, thank you!
  10. I will take a ram stick out and comment back here with any further development, thank you!
  11. Hello to whom it may concern. I am new to this website but I’m at my wits end with this situation. So here’s the problem. I recently upgraded some stuff on my gaming rig. I upgraded from a GeForce GTX 980 to an RTX 2070 super. I’m running a i7-5820k with a Corsair water cooler single radiator. 3 sticks of 8GB DDR4 ram. 2 TB barracuda HDD, MSI X99 SLI plus motherboard. 750 watt Thermaltake power supply. Hooked up to an LG 27GL850 via DisplayPort. (By the way this problem is not due to any new components. Happened with old monitor and graphics card) I play mostly destiny 2 and borderlands 3 currently. And I’ve noticed that whenever I open the store and navigate different pages of the store my fps drops like crazy every time. I’ll go from 100+ to as low as 30. Yes it is very brief and bumps back up but still. Don’t think this is proper behavior. Also if you’re aware of destiny 2 at all whenever I decrypt a bright engram my fps drops like crazy while it opens. Everywhere I’ve read said I shouldn’t be CPU bottle necked. I got enough ram. Drivers are updated, windows are updated. I even tried hooking up an SSD and transferring the destiny 2 files over to it to see if maybe something would happen. No luck. I really hope someone can give me some advice. I just blew a grand on upgrading and a CPU/motherboard upgrade is out of the question for the near future. Thank you.