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  1. Hi AnotherTom, Thanks for the help. I forgot to include the first part of this post where I mentioned that I am waiting on a FW card, so I can use my old Phonic FW mixer. In the meantime it would be nice to use the stock device but it doesn't work. Yes, Brand New computer with Windows 10 that supposedly comes with a Realtek audio device, but it doesn't show up. I don't get on the internet with this machine, so all of this researching, and updating and drivers, is really time-consuming and redundant, especially for a new machine, and the fact that everyone is complaining about the same issue. So, right now I can't even use the stock device for any settings like jack locations, etc. Even when I do get my mixer hooked up, I am not always using it and the powered speakers, so I like to turn them off and use the little usb speakers. Anyway, the other night I did all of the trouble-shooting that I am capable of and like I mentioned, I don't think it's the cables, they are new, they work fine with the other computers and they are no near power cables or any other cables. The thing that is weird about the noise is that it only happens with usb speakers and powered speakers. With the powered Yamahas, it is unbearably loud, but if I hook up only one speaker, using one cord (no y-cord) directly from PC to speaker, there is no noise. Also with usb speakers, the noise is there when connected to pc for power, but when connected to AC , no noise. Headphones have no noise either. What's going on here?? Thanks Again for your time
  2. Can anyone out there help? It seems like with all of the specific symptoms that I listed, it would be easy for a knowledgeable person to figure this dilemma out. I sure would like to use my brand new computer with my Yamaha Powered speakers! Pleeeeese HeLLLLLP !! Thanks
  3. Hi, A few days ago I purchased a new DAW PC. To my dismay, when I got it home I discovered a really loud, annoying noise. (static, chirping , can hear different tasks changing) when I tried using my Yamaha powered monitors. After I was up most of the night testing stuff, this is what I have gathered. Using the audio out back panel of the PC, when I hook up my Yamaha mini stereo system, there is no noise. When I hook up to my qsc power amp via small 4 ch. mixer...there is no noise. but when I hook up to the Yamaha HS7's powered speakers, the noise is there at a very loud level, except when I hook up only one at at a time (not using y-cable) I have two brand new y-cables and they all work good. I have used this same speaker system with y-cable on two other puters with no noise. Why do I get this horrendous noise, when I use the Y-cable on the powered speakers? USB powered speakers also have the noise , but headphones do not! I'm sure it's something simple but it's eluding me. Any audio techs that can help, please? Thanks for any insights and info My budget Third World Machine consists of.... i.7 9700 3.00 ghz3000 mhz 8 cores 8 log. Gigabyte B365M DS3H 32 GB ram XPG Gammix D30 DDR4 Local Disc XPG Gammix S11 Pro M.2 Projects Disc Adata Su650 960 GB Samples Disc Adata Su650 960 GB GPU - Stock EVGA 450 Gold Chassis -Aero 300 Windows 10 Pro version 17763 www.soundcloud.com/cosmic-warrior