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  1. it worked before I switched the motherboard and slowly seemed to not work. It would show up in the bios once and I’d reboot and it wouldnt but now it won’t at all. I didn’t change the way I plugged it in between builds.
  2. They’re all functional unless you turn up bandwidth for the 3rd pcie so I guess that can’t be the issue
  3. I got a new 860 evo and it worked for a day then I switched motherboards and it stopped working. It would show up in bios for the first couple boots but wouldn’t show up in windows but not it’s completely stopped showing up in bios. I have a ASUS z390e gaming motherboard with a m.2 ssd and hdd that are currently working but the new 3rd isn’t. I’ve updating bios to the newest and have enabled csm. Please help and thank you.