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  1. So I am building a PC with CPU- R5 3600 MOBO- Gigabyte Aorus ax370 gaming k7 GPU- GIGABYTE rtx 2060Super 3 fan edition I am confused on what all PSU pins should I have for all the parts of my build to have a PSU connector. Like what are the connectors I need. Btw I will be going for a 550W PSU as that's more than enough, or at best a 80W white rated 650W
  2. So I am making my new PC. I want to make my Mobo as cheap as possible but afraid it won't be having enough rgb pins, headers or whatever that's needed for the light to show up. My specs CPU and GPU- ryzen 5 3600 and rtx 2060 super Cabinet- antec nx210 argb with 4 argb fans Mobo- pls help me decide a good Mobo for rgb Ram- 8x2 gb non rgb kit PSU - antec 550W vp PSU So can I get a cheaper Mobo that supports rgb properly
  3. My store has them, so which one is a better combo?
  4. Radeon rx5700xt is much costlier than rtx 2060Super, like almost 100$ more
  5. It should be working fine tho right as it is all about providing power. (Pls say yes, I'm poor)
  6. I have access to it, pls answer my question man
  7. I am making a new build and confused if I should take ryzen5 3500 with rtx2060 Super or ryzen5 3600 with rtx 2060. Rest of the specs are perfectly decided btw.Other partsMotherboard- gigabyte aorous b450 proRam- adata xpg gammix d10 3200mhz 8x2 gbSsd- adata xpg gammix s11 240gb m.2 nvmEPSU -thermaltake tr2 s series 600WCabinet- antec nx210 argb