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  1. I’ve played both games after repasting and removing the covers. I’m pretty sure that after the latest season started my performance on both my desktop and laptop suffered and frame drops became worse. I think it’s just something with the game. For destiny I noticed that it was more taxing on the CPU than the GPU so even thought your increasing the graphics the GPU is still able to handle it but it’s still being bottlenecked by the CPU.
  2. I've already done this in addition to repasting with Kryonaut. It seemed to help at first but the problem still happens, just less frequently.
  3. I also spoke with Asus proactive care and they asked me to send in a form with a bunch of information so their engineers can replicate the issue. I called back a few days later to ask about the status of it and they said they don't do that and the only way they can help is if I send my computer in. I'm pretty sure they're just trying to make it seem like they care, but they're not actually doing anything about it.