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  1. SolarNova

    more peltiers

    Understand what ur saying but ... To be honest the amount of work you would need to put in to get it to even work somewhat well, the kind of system u would end up with, the power requirements and costs involved ...you would be far better of just buying a chiller, its simpler and more controllable. Something like a Hailea HC500 would be enough. Or better yet find a R22 refrigerant HC1000, more expensive but you can, if u so choose, go subzero with it with some light modding.
  2. SolarNova

    480mm Rad support

    its an older case to be honest, i got it for the RAD support since i have 3x 240mm rads to fit and also wanted space for dedicated air intakes. it has 2 USB 2 and 2 USB 3 front headers. All my rads are exhaust, i have the 5 included 140mm fans as intake. Airflow below.
  3. SolarNova

    480mm Rad support

    I just moved my system into a Enthoo Primo ... it supports 2x 480's. Top and bottom.
  4. SolarNova

    MSI VA Gaming panel

    The problem with VA panels is their poor pixel response, specifically their dark transitions. Unless its had focused R&D on the panel to improve pixel response, its going to have significant ghosting, making any high refresh rate it may have pointless, or at the very least less useful than a fast TN panel. NOTE: advertised response times are ALWAYS wrong, by a large degree. Ignore them. For reference, the slowest u want any pixel transition (not the average) to be for a given frequency is: 60Hz = 16.6ms or better 120hz= 8.33ms or better 144hz = 6.9ms or better 240hz = 4.1ms or better Consider that the fastest i have seen tested, with an 'average' response time (so not even based on the slowest) for VA is around 10ms, thus a VA panel cant even run fast enough to handle 120hz. Having a Monitor that can do 144hz, , thus a new frame is shown every 6.9ms, but using a panel that has a pixel response of 10ms, means the pixel cant transition fully to the required color before the next frame needs displaying, resulting ghosting/blurring. now with all that said, i would if i had to choose between the 3 POS LCD panels available, i would choose a VA due to its superior contrast and black levels.
  5. SolarNova

    more peltiers

    Hi there. So i have already gone through this thought process myself, and here is how it works. You start here , where u are, you find out all the information about what u need to do to get this to A) work safely, B) work efficiently, and then C)What performance you can expect. After that you change up ur plans going further down the rabbit hole, eventually ending up in a situation where ur planning to build a subzero system. So, the issues involved with ur plan. A) A sealed case works, but not with air .. its to moist. B) Dehumidifies only work down to about 30-40% humidity, which isn't good enough, and good ones are to big to fit inside the case C) TECs are very inefficient D) Condensation protection will eventually fail Solutions ..time to go down the rabbit hole. A) : use a sealed case with inlet and outlet air valves. : fill it with dry gas, like nitrogen. : use a chiller for the liquid loop, not TECs Or B) : Use a chill-box, this sets the ambient air subzero, ice builds up on the coldest part, a radiator in the case. : your now looking at subzero options. Long story short, as soon as u go sub ambient, you need to start thinking about how ur not going to kill ur components with moisture. Leaving the system in a moist air environment will mean that even with condensation protection, it will eventually fail unless u get incredibly lucky. Final option. There almost approach. Go slightly sub ambient. Use a dehumidifier to get the air as dry as possible and then keep ur cooling to stay just above the lower dew point. This is still a lot of work for little gain, the TEC will be colder than the air target so u still need to deal with that accumulating ICE / moisture, and its still very inefficient, a chiller would still be a better option.
  6. SolarNova

    Water not moving in large loop.

    If ur using a simple coolant like distilled + additives, u dont need to drain that often, once a year is more than enough. if its a specialized coolant and/or has dyes and such then sure do it more often, maybe every 6 months at most.. but every month is overkill for sure...that is unless ur actually enjoy the process in which case have at it
  7. SolarNova

    Monitor Vs Television

    Go for the monitor. If you budget for the VDU was more in the region of $400, you would have the option of a TV good enough for gaming, but even then u'd have to sacrifice anything above 60hz at 4k, and no VRR.
  8. SolarNova

    Need help adjusting back to console gaming

    As im sure ur aware, Consoles dont exactly have much in the way of options to tune the gaming experience. Now some games on the PS4 Pro do have an option to prioritize FPS over visuals, if those options are available, pick them, as you can almost guarantee that by default console games will target 30FPS, prioritizing FPS can in some games allow the console to aim for 60fps.
  9. SolarNova

    OLED TVs as monitors

    Not sure how to read that tbh, are you saying TV's have bad input lag nowadays ..or are u agreeing with me that TVs actually have good input lag (low). I'm kinda reading as in u think TV have poor input lag (high input lag), which just isnt the case, see my link, that's not advertised ,thats tested.. You mention gaming mode, and yea that's the point of gaming mode, to lower input lag by not adding post processing to the image. Post processing doesn't increase performance but rather attempt to improve image quality of movie and TV channel content, such as removing noise, up scaling, motion control etc, all of which are not needed with signals from PC's and consoles.
  10. SolarNova

    What games could this PC run?

    'run' .. all of them. beyond that ull need to be more specific with ur expectations and requirements.
  11. SolarNova

    Is it just me or can you see this?

    its most likely your monitor is improperly calibrated. The image is clear to me.
  12. SolarNova

    searching for an alternative fluid

    Vue and Aurora can last as long as each other in the best circumstances, but Vue from what i've seen can be more temperamental. If you want either to last you really need to build a loop around the coolant. You must ensure there are no deadzones in the flow, blocks, res, rads, tubing runs, even fittings, u need to ensure there is no place to the particles to settle out. Then u also need to ensure the coolant never gets to warm. And ofc as already stated, preparing the loop for the coolant is very important with both of them, it have to be spotless with no trace or any chemicals in them from cleaning or their original manufacture.
  13. yea i guarantee thats on a 8k display ..as in upscalled to 8k by the TV .. not native for damn sure. EDIT: i'd be inclined to say, its 1080p 120fps or 'real' 4k 30 fps as an option to choose ingame , or somewhere in between.
  14. SolarNova

    searching for an alternative fluid

    If u want that kinda look, Aurora is a better bet imo, its more mature. Vue has had a patchy history.
  15. SolarNova

    OLED TVs as monitors

    Depends on what ur comparing it to. I still use a Plasma now THAT eats power and heats a room , to the point i don't have my radiator on ..ever... My PC and Plasma is enough.
  16. SolarNova

    3930k 60C idle temps

    Just lower the offset till you hit the same load voltage you had previously with your static OC. Also consider testing out different LLC settings.
  17. SolarNova

    solid vs flexible tubing

    Glass is better in almost every way when it comes to hard tubing. it looks better, is clearer, doesn't stain,works will all coolants, and doesn't scratch as easily. its a tad harder to work with though being that u need to buy a couple extra tools to work with it, a proper cutter/scorer for the glass so u can cut/snap it, and a sander/grinder to smooth out the cuts and ideally you would also chamfer the ends. That being said, hard tubing regardless of what type, is more prone to leaks than soft tubing simply due to the way the seals work, you rely solely on the fit of the tubing and the o-ring(s) of the fittings, compared with soft tubing where the tubing itself makes the seal and you can tighten down with compression fittings making them near impossible to remove. Using fittings for bends is going to increase cost greatly. An alternative is to use soft tubing and design it so your tubing runs are as straight as possible to give the illusion of hard tubing, its cheaper, somewhat easier, and less prone to leaks.
  18. SolarNova

    OLED TVs as monitors

    Bit behind the times there mate. TV's nowadays tend to have good input latency figures, not all mind you, but most. Its not uncommon to find TV's with less than 25ms, and even those around 10-15ms can be found. For example here Bare in mind most monitors have an input latency between 5ms and 20ms.
  19. SolarNova

    3930k 60C idle temps

    Just noticed the other temp sensors readouts ..i think your internal case temp is to high.
  20. SolarNova

    3930k 60C idle temps

    Ok so i run my 3930k at 1.368v for 4.6ghz using an offset OC, so it downclocks and downvolts when iit doesnt need all the power, have done since i got it. Now granted i use a custom loop now but I had the same OC when i was using a NH-D15. Idle temp was roughyl the same on my D15 as i have now .. around 30c.
  21. SolarNova

    3930k 60C idle temps

    Does seem a tad toasty, for such a mild OC, that said it is only a 212 evo ... Ah i see .. try using a an offset OC ..manual static OC means its runing at ur clock all the time. hence the high temp
  22. SolarNova

    Submersible Pump over d5

    Cheapo pumps do work for sure but they tend to be loud, and for a desk PC you really don't want loud. D5 pumps are not loud, once you have all the air out of the loop so the pump isnt churning bubbles though it, its damn near silent, even more so if you suitably decouple it from anything that can transfer vibrations.
  23. Indeed, any air in the pump will make it noisy, try moving it around. Its a problem many encounter, the amount of people who think the D5 pump for example is loud at its max setting (5) is astounding, when in fact its damn near inaudible over even the quietest fans so long as you dont have any air in the system going through the pump.
  24. Warm soapy water to clean the block, use a soft brush, like a toothbrush. You can use some toothpaste to help remove any stubborn spots. For your rads, use some vinegar, its usually a 5% acid, so just use straight vinegar, leave it soak for 10-20minutes then flush thoroughly with baking soda solution to neutralize, and flush again with regular water then a final flush with distilled, or just use distilled if u have a lot readily available. Don't forget to also clean your fittings. Once you think everything is sorted, put the loop together outside the case and run it with straight distilled for a couple hours and drain/flush again. After that u should be good to assemble and refill for the final time. This what i done recently with my loop after 4 years without a flush, though i never used colored coolants or premixes.
  25. SolarNova

    A NEW Level of Gimmick? Gigabyte Aero 15 x9 Review

    The prices for these things is still retarded if you ask me. Your paying sooo much for miniaturization and brand. Also, can you please start at least mentioning pixel response on any vid you make in regards to displays. That's a 144hz IPS display, i will bet vital parts of my anatomy that the pixel response cannot keep up with the 144hz refresh frequency. I know for damn sure IPS cant have a 100% transition pixel response less than 7ms currently. The best I can see an IPS display being able to do with frequency whilst having a pixel response fast enough is 100hz, anything beyond that and the pixels wont be able to keep up, and thats going by the fastest IPS monitors iv seen tested.