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  1. Solar, so I was reading you post about 144vs240. So I have a Asus XG258 TN panel I "run" at 240.


    I bought the AW 27" 240hz IPS, but if I push it to 240 the monitor blacks out for .5-1 full second. Is that because its all BS @240 still?


    IPS seemed to have way better color, so is a 2k IPS at 144 better than 1080 240?  All I do it bame.  Thanks!

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    2. REPO


      Yeah in does it all the time, drives me nuts, but if I turn it down to 144 then its solid. I have the 2080 TI EVGA, so I called them and they suggested a VESA cable, so I bought them, and changed nothing.


      It is a freesync not a true gsync https://deals.dell.com/en-us/productdetail/42da

      So I guess Ill be sending it back lol


      All drivers are UTD on mobo and all software and hardware. Even downloaded dell's monitor software and no luck


      IPS for sure seemed to have better colors or is that just me? with their monitor and settings they have make it look better?






    3. REPO


      Also does the monitors today have the tech to use all 240 and can we as humans tell the difference?

    4. SolarNova


      Yes IPS has better picture quality over TN

      Specific picture settings used can improve the image quality but it has to be calibrated properly for best results and the specific calibration settings will vary from panel to panel even within the same model of display.


      Out of the 3 panel types IPS have an easier time reaching higher color coverage.

      VS TN they are superior in image quality but somewhat slower on pixel response.


      VA 'can' be just as accurate as IPS but its harder to do so the ones that are good are expensive, VA do however have far better contrast and black levels VS IPS which for some can make much more of a difference on the perceived picture quality over any small % difference in color coverage.

      VA however have a very hard time with pixel response speed on dark transitions which results in most suffering from higher levels of 'blur' which isnt great for gamers. Though again there are a few that are good enough, but they to are expensive. VA is no good for 240hz though, and hile u may find a few displays that are VA and 240hz being sold, u should stear clear of them as VA simply isnt fast enough to handle 240hz.