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  1. Alright buddy, So you recommend these for a noob for linux right?
  2. Hello guys!! Hope you all are safe! I know this may sound stupid but, I have a unused hdd 80gb 5.2K rpm. I'm thinking of installing linux on that drive. The last time I tried installing windows on my primary drive damaged the windows partition and I had to install everything again! And Please suggest me some good distros for a beginner for linux!
  3. I'm running Doom eternal perfectly without any bottleneck! Perfectly fine this fortnite is ass for sure!!
  4. Alright bro! Sorry for posting this late! This is the condition! I even benchmarked my hardware but no issues there! I'll be glad if you could help me out!
  5. Alright! This is what I'm facing right now!
  6. After using Malwarebytes I'm getting an increase in fps tho!! But not that you would expect from 970! I'm around consistent 100 fps everything low on 1417x900!
  7. I used Malwarebytes and got some issues there! But it still keeps using all 4 cores at 100% at 63°C I'm so much confused right now!
  8. Okay bro! I'm sure I'm not overheating my CPU it's around 60-65°C while gaming but 100% usage! GPU is around 30% usage!!
  9. Should I do a clean windows installation or DDU would be the move go! So any suggestions??
  10. I'm running on a HDD (7.2K rpm) Alright!! And Also my games are crashing sometimes so I have to reinstall the nvidia drivers is it related to that?
  11. That's what I'm confused!! Gtx 970 should not be bottlenecked by i5 6600! And I just run lgs and Msi afterburner in the background!