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  1. Oh, I didn't create a partition, I just selected the SSD. Must I create a partition?
  2. Hello everyone! I upgraded my old pc a few days ago to the following config: Ryzen 5 3600x Asus Prime b450m 16GB XPG 3000mhz Ram 480GB Nvme m.2 SSD I created a UEFI bootable pendrive with windows 10 to install the OS in the new SSD. I was able to install it, after turning off the secure boot and changing the windows OS option to Other OS. The windows installed just fine, but when I try to boot from the ssd, it just goes back to the bios screen. It shows that SSD as a bootable option, but it doesn't boot at all... I tried changing the ssd from MBR to GPT and it didn't work too... Right now the SSD is the only storage drive in my PC, so I have no idea of what else I can do to make it boot the OS... Please, guys, I really need some help!