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  1. Looks awesome! Have fun with it
  2. Jeez it's a laptop for his sister. Windows was not a requirement. From my understanding he just wants a reliable laptop that will last a long time and is good for the normal daily tasks. And I'm sorry but Apple is THE way to go then. Ssd's aren't even that hard to replace in Macbooks if that's the concern. (Even though it will probably never ever break)
  3. Philips E Line 245E1S/00 AOC Q27P1 27" Quad HD IPS
  4. Believe me, you don't want to put windows on a mac Macbooks are fast because MacOS is super light. I personally suggest a Macbook Air (2016+ model), they already come equipped with an ssd and they are pretty much bulletproof. I've been using mine for several years now, never had a single problem. When would you ever need to replace a macbook's ssd? They are pretty much bulletproof. I honestly don't think there are many windows-based laptops that can last longer than a Macbook.
  5. Okay this might sound drastic but I think it would be pretty good. Sell your system without the gpu. Then you’ll have about $300. Spend $150-200 on a used dell optiplex 7020 or 9020 with either an i7-4770 or i7-4790. Try getting one with 16gb of ram. Get a 50$ power supply and a 50$ ssd. Put your 1050ti in it. BOOM you now have a desktop that can run pretty much every game
  6. Have you tried plugging the keyboard in a different usb port? You'd probably have to get a new cpu and ram aswell when getting a new motherboard. Unless you're going to go on the used market. What is your budget? Then we can list your options
  7. I don't think that was a problem with your ssd. I've put loads of 120gb ssd's in old laptops and never had a problem with it. Shouldn't be a problem with desktops either.
  8. Do you have good fire insurance? I'd definitely upgrade that psu lol
  9. That's great! I'd check out the B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard and maybe a different ssd. Otherwise, it's something I'd build too! Good luck!
  10. Check if the screws are tight. Might be the cpu cooler vibrating.
  11. Hey there! You probably don't need an X570 motherboard. If I were you, I'd check out the msi B450 Tomahawk Max. The only big difference between X570 and B450 is PCI-E gen 4, which you won't be using with a 5700XT. It also lowers your price of the motherboard, so you can invest it somewhere else You can also consider getting a cheaper SSD (adata sx8200 pro, corsair MP500, intel 660p), Samsung makes good ssd'ss but they also charge for the brand name What is the ram speed? Ryzen loves fast memory, 3200MHz or even 3600MHz is what I would recommend! Looks solid though, all parts will be compatible, good luck!
  12. I use a 128gb macbook air and I still have 40gb space left You can always upgrade with a hdd when you need some bulk storage.
  13. Could it be that the cpu fan speed ramps up? Higher speed = more noise
  14. Erm... Macbook all day long. The battery life is fantastic, and it ages very well. For daily tasks, that's what I'd go for.
  15. Kind of looks like an Antec SX1030b or Antec PLUS 1080AMG, not exactly the same though. Hope it puts you in the right direction.
  16. Hey there, I'm not sure if it would work, but some phones have sleep monitoring (I know iPhones do). Of course I don't know what phone you have but chances are it has such a thing. It monitors when you're sleeping, deep sleep, etc. No idea how it works, but it seems to be pretty accurate to me.
  17. You're most welcome! Good luck with the build!
  18. Hard one! I'd opt for the 32gb at 3600MHz. I'm not sure if you would really notice a big difference between 3600 and 4266 MHz. But if you multitask a lot, and don't close your Chrome tabs, 32gb will be welcome
  19. A ryzen 5 2600 will perform better in gaming because you can get a 1660 super instead of a 1650 super Using a 2700X together with a 1650 super will just result in your gpu not being able to keep up.
  20. Yea, 8gb ram will just hold back the system, but I see you've changed that. However with ryzen cpu's, you really want to have fast memory. I recommend 3200MHz or even 3600MHz. The Corsair vengeance RGB Pro ram is what I would go for. Also, your motherboard is a "MAX" version, meaning it is ryzen 3rd gen ready. Msi puts the M behind the B450 (or MAX) to indicate that. No bios update will be needed Looks like you can mount some fans onto that black plate. It won't be ideal but at least it generates some airflow. If you're not afraid of modding the case a little bit, you could also mount 2 or 3 140mm fans at the bottom, ensuring a bottom to top airflow without ruining the open aesthetic. Like shown in this picture:
  21. I think the 2600 is the better buy, what even is the price difference? 20$?
  22. Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4 3200 or 3600MHz, or the RGB vengeance Pro if you like the look