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  1. Alright I'm just going to do a clean install, thank all of you for the help.
  2. I don't think I have a problem necessarily, just that I am unable to update my windows 8.1 that's all.
  3. Being that I can't update my current windows I take it that that's my main issue, but that also makes it impossible to upgrade... THANKS BILL
  4. So I'll click the setup in the usb drive and it'll start installing. When it gets to the blue screen where it's downloading windows 10, get to~50%, then exit out to the desktop. All it gives me is a window that says "Windows 10 installation has failed"; not even an error code. How is a clean install different than a upgrade btw?
  5. Yeah I'm running 64 bit, and yeah I'll just do a clean install.
  6. So I've found out that it won't update windows 8.1 because I have an i7 8700k and it's blacklisted. So I can't update windows to upgrade to 10. The best answer I've found is to do a clean update on another ssd, is there anyway I could force it to upgrade? Maybe through safe mode with the help of command prompts?
  7. When I try to update windows it says that my cpu is built for another windows, then it wants me to buy it. Even after using the update troubleshooter it won't allow me to update windows 8.1.
  8. I have bought a key and USB installation media, but when I go to install windows it gives me a box "Windows 10 Installation Has Failed". I've already uninstalled my malwarebytes, safe booted to try and install, and talked to microsoft to get help only to run in circles. Knowing the great community support on here I hope to get the issue resolved without paying Geek Squad to install it. Also it doesn't give me an error code only that it has failed.