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  1. What CPU Specs or benchmarks are conducive to good performance in DAW's such as Cubase and Reaper?
  2. Remote desktop would be a good solution potentially, I will only use one at a time realistically. I'm settled on 32GB otherwise with 16GB I end up with about 1-2GB free lol.
  3. So I've got an XPS 13 with the quad-core 8550u, and It's simply not quick enough for running Cubase, Reaper and Pro Tools with enough plugin instances (Kontakt, Soothe etc.). My options are A desktop with a 3700x, and a cheaper laptop that i'll just have for mobile tracking and not mixing, A gaming laptop like one of the new Alienware 15's so I can mix on the go, with most likely a 9750H. My question basically is this. Is there a big gap in performance between the 8550u and the 8750h/9750h to justify staying with a laptop, which is far more convenient for me, or should I just bite the bullet and buy a desktop. Additionally, what should I really be looking at on spec-sheets to work it out? clock speed? core count? cache? I'm usually pretty knowledgeable about this stuff but there's no real channel or outlet that talks about audio professionals and gives good advice for professionals in this field. Also, I play some games but it's mainly F1 2019 nowadays so a gaming laptop or desktop would be fine for that easily. Many Thanks, hope to hear a response back soon xo