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  1. So I've got some more information for you. My internet speed is between 11Mbps and 31Mbps when using the speed test that pops up in the google search, but 125Mbps when I use the one by Ookla. Same story when using my phone, except it runs 120Mbps on the google search version, and about 410Mbps on the Ookla version. The speed is obviously there...should I go the route of doing a fresh windows install? Format the drive and just move on? Would that even fix it? This computer has previously run at 480Mbps over the same connection.
  2. Just the PC and it's over ethernet.
  3. Ethernet, I don;t know how to trace the issue, actually currently removing the WLAN card.
  4. Problem is exactly what it sounds like, my computer internet speed over ethernet used to be 480Mbps and now it's dropped down to 30Mbps. Things I've done since this change....installed a PCIe wifi adapter and installed a VPN, immediately uninstalled VPN and no change. Help if you're a wizard.
  5. Let me start this off with what led up to this issue: I wanted to overclock my CPU but know nothing about overclocking, so I used the Ryzen Master software to do it and while I was I noticed my memory clock was set to 1067 and the Fabric clock was set at 1200, so naturally I changed that to 1600 and 1600. Computer has to restart to apply the settings...black screen. So I turn off the computer and turn it back on, the system cycles a few times before I get a post and then it goes into the OS. I open up task manager to check my RAM frequency since I had a hunch my BIOS had been reset, and it was down at 2133mhz. :/ So I restart the computer and get into the BIOS and enable XMP as I have before and goes to save and exit, when I do so the system cycles again and posts again (BIOS reset again as well)...sure enough, get into the OS and my RAM is at 2133Mhz. :/ Frustrated now, I uninstall Ryzen Master and do the process again...same problem. Help me.