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  1. Yeah The Maximus XII Apex looks to me the choice for me. Thanks for the help!
  2. Ok thank you for the help! Do you know what could be the highest I could overclock to with custom loops and at a stable temperature under heavy loads?
  3. The cpu I am looking to over clock is the i9-10900k. To my research, I am thinking 5.15 or at least 5.1 on all cores is possible with a great liquid aio cooler. If i am wrong on that then maybe tell me the highest I can overclock without a problem lol
  4. Ok If you are doing video editing on your 2nd monitor and then you are gaming on the other monitor (for example you are rendering a 4K video) yes. It will REALLY affect your fps.
  5. Oh yes display port is a ton much better than hdmi. I didn't know what you meant by "DPI" Display port is better for dual monitor setups and it can be even better for overclocking monitors (I think) and then it is better for high resolution. (For example. you have a 4k monitor and the hdmi can only do 4k at 30hz. DP can do 4k at 60hz because you can use that for editing purposes. I hope.) I am sorry if I got anything wrong.
  6. are you talking about DisplayPort?
  7. What do you mean "Why not DPI"??? I said hdmi because you can transmit video and audio a whole lot better. It is also helpful if you are video editing because of hdmi.
  8. In my opinion, no. It will not affect your gameplay. Now I am not sure about this, so someone correct me if I am somehow wrong.
  9. If I sounded like I wasn't ever going to do much overclocking, then why would you think I would have asked the question "What is the best motherboard for overclocking?" I clearly asked that question so I could get answers on what best motherboard is out there for me to overclock my cpu.
  10. I would recommend that you download a cpu-z or cpuid hw monitor you can see al of the sensors on your pc there and figure out what could be causing it
  11. I'm thinking intel, since they are good for getting a "True" gaming performance rate.
  12. I have been wanting to overclock, but I need to know the best motherboard so I can get a good overclock going.
  13. I have been wanting to get a 9900K so I can overclock it atleast to 5.5 ghz to maybe even 6ghz, but I need to see if you guys think it could possibly reach 6ghz with a 360mm liquid cooler. (I am thinking yes)
  14. Ok but the boost clock for the 10900k is 5.3 ghz. I don't think it would be that hard! (I am sorry if you think I am dumb or something lol I am always trying to learn more here.)