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  1. @HumdrumPenguinjust standard 1920x1080 will be great thank you.
  2. Where can I find the single screen version of this please.
  3. ..... there is a Youtube App... Again why are you using a browser to watch Youtube content???
  4. Why are you using the Firefox browser to view Youtube content on an iPhone? Hahaha
  5. So get N95 masks an decorate them? lol.
  6. Normally you measure around your chest, almost on the nipple line, the length would be how long the shirt is from shoulder to waist.
  7. Do 1 at a time, otherwise you won't know what fixed it lol. Troubleshooting 101
  8. Nope, I know I need to wake up at 4:50am every week day to get ready for work but still require 2 alarms to wake up ?, on weekends I have no alarms set and can easily sleep in until 9am.
  9. This ad was released ages ago, he has appeared in a few different ones now too.
  10. I wish there were collared shirts so I could wear them to work. I have most of the component shirts already.
  11. I can't believe we are almost in 2020 and people are still whinging about not having a headphone jack ?
  12. Is there a reason your friend wouldn't let you onto his account to download the VODs seeing as you're helping him? Or him download them and then send over to you?
  13. It's the first rewind video I've watched, and I liked it for the information it provided about the top 10 and worlds first and such.