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    Middle East, Kuwait
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    Asus Maximus VI Hero
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    Kingston HyperX 16GB 2400MHz
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    Asus Nvidia GTX 1080Ti Strix
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    NZXT 530 White
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    Samsung 250 SSD + Seagate 2TB 7200rpm
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    Thermaltake EVO Blue 2.0 750W
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    Two Asus VG248QE 24 inch - 144HZ Gaming Monitor
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    Custom Loop
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    Razer BlackWidow Expert 2013 Edition
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    Logitech G502
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    Fiio E10k + Beyerdynamic DT 770
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    Windows 10

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  1. TheScorpio

    PC wouldnt power without unplugging DisplayPort?

    Thanks, really appreciate it, I'll just buy me a certified one and see how it goes
  2. TheScorpio

    PC wouldnt power without unplugging DisplayPort?

    It could be, though the old system had the same PSU and it was running An overclocked system, this one is stock and probably uses less wattage/power
  3. So, ever since I've switched my MOBO, installed a pcie cable extender, my new system wouldnt power on unless I unplug the DisplayPort cable then re-attach it after pressing the powerbutton? I dont know if this has to do with the quality of the cable but im pretty sure its a knock-off kind, but it worked just fine before switching my system, does anyone have any insights to whats happening?
  4. TheScorpio

    Pump randomly failing

    I've done that the first time, i put the case back in its packaging and tilted it around, it did work the air out, but it seems like there was some pressure still that didnt let the pump run, well fortunately, for now at least.. when i turn it off, leave it for a bit, then turn it back on, its working... if it doesnt, i'll tilt and do everything i can, another big issue with this system, is that its doesnt power ON when i have DisplayPort on..... apparently I've a cheapo knock-off one ? or something .. idk man this is really making me hate watercooling, this is my 2nd system, supposed to be better psht
  5. TheScorpio

    Pump randomly failing

    its not at max, its at 4 out of 5 (5 being max) and no i dont, thats probably one of the issues lol.. seriously this reservoir has been nothing but a pain in the butt
  6. TheScorpio

    Pump randomly failing

    EDIT, I've drained and re-filled the loop again....... as usual, its working for now, but when i turn off the pump, the air tries to sneak back to the radiator, since i guess its the higher point, and when the system is running, i cant really fill it to the max to avoid air in the system, Because I have to fill it from the port at the TOP RIGHT - and when I do that, theres only so much that I can fill before it starts pushing back, because the inlet is on the opposite side.. and i cant fill from the top, cause i need another port open to let air in, eh its a weird setup and its frustrating me - Sometimes now when i start the system, the pump wouldnt work unless i unscrew one port, then re-tighten it, it would work, with a slight pushing back and forth.. so I suppose you were right about the airpocket, its just a weird one -___-
  7. TheScorpio

    Pump randomly failing

    I dont think so, cause ive been rocking this case back and forth and currently air has passed the radiator and cpu block, and stuck in-between the tube that's linking cpu and reservoir, its still not working
  8. So i just finished my build and for some odd reason, ever since i switched the pump from the standalone EK mount to a res-combo, it randomly stops, first time i got it out, re-attached it, then it worked again, now after a while when i re-powered my system, it stops working, i can hear a hum, idk whatsup with it, i just turn it off right away so it doesnt run dry... You can see the fluid level in the pics, its not moving Btw its running off Molex, and i did switch the cable, nothing worked
  9. TheScorpio

    [Build Log] - Water-cooling Yellow Build - TS !

    Unofficial update since im on my phone, this thing has turned into a nightmare, seriously so many issues, nothing is fitting, nothing is aligning up, pump failing, pc wont start without me removing display cables then re-attaching them, despite all that, i still finished it, granted... Only the first edition, didnt include gpu since ive only 240 rad now, but my biggest issue is that the pump is failing randomly, if i shutdown power then re-power it, the pump doesnt work, i drained the loop, got the pump out, re-attached it then it worked, now 3h later it stopped again, im suspecting the reservoir isnt feeding it properly, idk why, i can hear a hum, but I just stop it Right away since i dont want it to run dry Sidenote: forgot to order noctua white rubber thingies, ill stick with orange LTT for now... I really need this pc to work I have stuff to do
  10. Is this normal? Its brand new out of the box --- Cause I have an old alphacool radiator which I avoided using for the new build because it has the same discoloration inside after 3+ years of use, so if this is normal with brand new copper radiators, then. I might as well use it
  11. TheScorpio

    [Build Log] - Water-cooling Yellow Build - TS !

    Sad sad news, my old loop is pretty gunked up i cant salvage my old radiator, i knew something was up when temps were high, but i never bothered to fully disassemble it since colors didnt change, i kept on changing the water regularly and dropping pt nuke, it lasted me more than 3 years im okay with throwing them Anyways, here are the pics of the old loop after disassembling my old pc ---- D5 before -- after: Im okay with re-using it since it was only dirt, its pretty clean now ------- Radiator that i wanted to salvage: I did clean it very well, even with vinegar but man I really dont wanna mess up the new loop or run a risk of this radiator leeching debrees overtime or changing colors or whatever, so I think ill just wait and buy a new EK 360 radiator since their quality is superb, seriously alphacool ones look cheap in comparison, not to mention they come shipped pretty dirty out of the factory and so on ------- For reference: heres my old block, yep a horrible beed of dirt and junk, no wonder i had high idle temps i did clean it just to see how bad it really is, turns out its not that bad, especially for running almost 4 years lol, I tossed it anyways since I have a new one (not that its compatible anyways) ----- Current update: I am going to build the system and use my new EK 240 radiator, then eventually when I get the new 360 I will install that On a brighter note, LOOK what ive got
  12. Yeah, they for sure did leech a whole lot of crap I guess ill just use my new 240 for now, or maybe throw a stock intel heatsink for a month, so i dont have to waste any rigid tubing lol, till i buy a new radiator
  13. Im not going to use the same block, or cpu ive a new one - i only put the pic of the block for reference, its already in the dumpster haha My new build - i7-8700k I might just bail on that radiator and buy a new one later on lol
  14. I think i should stop cheaping out and buy me a new 360, since i already bought a new 240 from EK, and their radiators seem to be made very well tbh, alphacool have always seemed very cheap honestly, especially with the fact that they come unclean
  15. So, ive disassembled my 3years+ old system because i wanted to take its 360 alphacool rad and d5 pump for my newer build, But I've foundout that my loop is kinda gunked up and probably corroded but Ive no idea how bad it is, Ive always known about it since my cpu temps were higher than usual, I used to change the loop water every 6-10 months, (distilled water +pt nuke) the water never shifted color or anything, so i never really bothered to fully disassemble the blocks, kinda wish i did now.... here are some photos, can i still salvage that radiator? My new loop is filled with new parts, and id hate it if this messed up radiator would corrode my new parts ----- D5 before After: Pretty clean, it was only dirt, can be re-used for sure ------- Heres the radiator: its ports had blue gunk on them which i cleaned, but im more worried about the inside? Sorry i cant take a closer pic but it does have some slight discoloration on the inside, ive cleaned it with distilled water and used some vinegar, still worried if it would mess up my new loop or not. ---- Cpu block: for reference, its pretty bad lol, it has a bead of dirt on the middle But upon further cleaning and dumping it in distilled water with vinegar, look what happend That was a quick wash, its still not perfect but it tells me that the corrosion or whatever isnt as bad as i see in some pics, i still threw the block away since ive a new one, but im worried about that radiator, and I kinda dont wanna wait another month to buy one, since my new system is already disassembled and ready for the new loop lol