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  1. I had an MSI Motherboard, with an I7-6700k and 4x of 4 GB DDR4 RAM, I recently upgraded some things and am no longer using these 3 components. However, I recently gave them to a friend of mine, to help bump up his PC. We got rid of basically everything except for his HDD, GPU, and PSU. Specs: GTX 960 I7-6700k 2TB HDD 650 WATT PSU 16 GB of RAM (4 sticks of 4) MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Motherboard And we changed the case When he got home, the computer wouldn't launch. After testing things out and checking over all the connections, it came down to the RAM, it would not work with all 4 sticks in, but it would only work with one in. And for whatever reason, the Ethernet connection is not working. I asked him if he could test each RAM stick one at a time, and see if one may have gotten damaged during the build and transfer of parts. As for the Ethernet connection, I am not sure. All components worked just fine for me as long as I had them. If anyone has got some ideas, I would really appreciate the help! Problem solved, one stick was damaged out of the 3!
  2. But the socket for the CPU was the right type, and it fit no problems. Dang, well guess i'll put the old MB back in. Over site on my part, i was to concerned about the socket. Thanks for the help!
  3. My specs are GTX 1080 Founders 2TB HDD 32 GB RAM Corsair (4 sticks of 8 GB) 850 WATT PSU Bronze 80 Plus ASUS Prime Z390-A MotherBoard Intel i7-6700k CPU Cooler: Dark Rock Pro 4, 250W TDP And if it helps, the case is Cooler Master H500 There 4 LEDs on the MB CPU, Dram, VGA, and Boot. The CPU lights red, and the Dram lights yellow (The MB guide says that is fine) But the VGA which is supposed to light up white, and the Boot which is supposed to be yellow green, never light up. That is when it shuts down and boots again. I can't get to anything, not even the Bios screen.
  4. I posted once before on putting in a new motherboard. After getting all the info I could, I went ahead and put in the new one. I also put in some new sticks of ram. Otherwise my PSU, CPU, GPU, and HDD were all the same ones I had used prior. Now I am having an issue. The PC boots 3 times total. The first 2 it boots and turns off, then on and off once more. The 3rd time it turns on it stays on. Got my hopes up. My monitor displays "No Signal" every so often. I checked the HDMI cord, even tried a couple of others, but no dice. Made sure my GPU was in nice and secure, nothing wrong there. My next guess is maybe its a PSU issue, might not be getting enough power? I made sure all the cords where plugged into the Motherboard correctly. All of the USB slots work since my mouse turns on in all of them. All the lights and buttons work. I also tried a seperate monitor just in case, but that didn't work. I would put the GPU out of the realm of possibility for being the issue. But its my last guess. Maybe the motherboard itself is defective? I am kind of at a loss here. If anyone could help i'd really appreciate it! My guesses are either PSU, Motherboard or GPU, all with their own doubts though.
  5. Cool, I found where I can get the Drivers, guess I should get started. Thanks again for the help, really appreciate it.
  6. Thanks for the answer! That made me a whole lot more comfortable, as to whether I do remove drivers or not. It's so impressive what how different technologies can cooperate with each other. Especially considering you went from DDR3 to DDR4. That's a pretty drastic difference. And considering mine is both DDR4, just new RAM, I think it will work out just fine. Thanks for the help!
  7. I just want to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible. I have gotten a variety of answers from other sources. Which helped, but did not easy my nerves all that much. I am tossing my old Motherboard for a new one. It really needed to go. If you need to know exactly what I am replacing, I am replacing just the Ram and Motherboard. Got some new Ram to go along with it. The CPU is the exact same an i7-6700k, I made sure the new motherboard could hold it. It checked out. In addition, I am using my old HDD, because I wanted to if possible keep as many folders as possible, and Windows 10. A few answers I have gotten state that I would need to uninstall the Chipset Drivers, USB Drivers,Video Card Drivers, Sound Card Drivers, IDE & ATAPI Serial Controllers, then remove my motherboard and replace with the new one, and that should do. Others are similar, just sounds like removing the old motherboard drivers. Another said this, "If the motherboard has a different chipset, but still supports the same family of processor (meaning you had an AMD processor before, and you got a replacement board that allowed you to keep your AMD processor), then the OS should boot, but would detect new hardware and want to install it. If the replacement motherboard uses a different family of processor from the one you used to have, then chances are your installation of Windows would boot to a Blue Screen of Death, as the motherboard chipset drivers that were installed and in place in the copy of Windows you already have, would be incompatible with the new motherboard and the radically different chipset drivers required. You might not even be able to boot into Safe Mode." Aside from a complete factory reset, would you recommend just uninstall those listed drivers, and would that be all that needs to go? The big one for me is keeping Windows 10 around, if it needs to happen, I can reinstall all the files. I would just rather not. Thanks for the help!