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  1. I found a mobo speaker but i don't get any beeps when i startup the computer. I even remove the RAM thinking that would make it beep but nothing. My house is only 10 years old
  2. i used another PC's RAM and still no post. since all fans run only thing i can think that failed is my cpu or mobo. wont be sure until i can acquire a mobo speaker. do you concur?
  3. I went to two different computer stores looking for mobo speakers but nobody sells them. I did manage to borrow ram from a friend but still no post, i added a picture of them because i wasn't 100% sure they were compatible. I also forgot to mention on day 4 i had a power outage at the house, what are the chances the ram slots on the mobo would fail
  4. Would i be able to use memtest without my comp even being able to post
  5. Could it be that the slots on the motherboard I have gone bad or it's 100% just the RAM has died
  6. OK here's my adventure day 1: PC starts to blue screen with error code including iaStorA.sys so i reset a couple of times until i get into windows and i uninstall Intel rapid storage technology computer starts working fine again. day 3: BSOD with no error codes then computer goes in a boot loop, only way to run off was from the PSU switch day 4: i decide to do some maintenance on the computer and remember i need a new coat of thermal paste, i somehow in this process manage the break the pins on the stock CPU cooler so i go out and buy a new arctic freezer 11 lp cooler. after this is PC is still in a boot loop but i manage to get into windows after a couple of resets works fine for the rest of the day, i do notice that i start getting some lag while switching chrome tabs while only having 4-6 tabs open. day 6: while in a game of LOL i blue screen with a memory management stop code it resets and gets into windows for about 10 seconds then BSOD with no error codes and goes back into a boot loop again. after resetting from the PSU a couple of times the boot loop stops. now it turns on but does not post and i get a no signal readout from my monitor. i decide to follow up on the memory management error so i unplug my storage and reseat my RAM hoping to at least get into bios but i get nothing even the RGB on my peripherals don't come on. im thinking my PSU is faulty now, what other troubleshooting steps should i take did i overlook anything big? specs Intel i5 3570 Gigabyte R9 270X Corsair Vengeance Blue 2X4GB DDR3-1600 Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB ADATA Premier SP550 240GB EVGA Supernova NEX650G 650W TP-LINK TL-WDN4800