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  1. I recently bought a new server because I use a lot of windows computers in the same windows network everyday. I also add family computers aswell as my ebay finds to the domain and want to know how to deploy software. I want to deply: Office 2007 (thats the copy I have, old I know) Chrome Firefox PotPlayer Immunet And an installer I have. Currently I just have a share setup with all the EXE files on, but this feels old and takes forever. Does anyone know how to deploy exe in Windows server 2019?
  2. This seems a little overkill. I use a Dell TowerEdge T100 8GB DDR2, XEON machine from 2009 for my NAS, Domain Controler, Webpage among other things. Why don't you sell the PC and see if you can just get a cheaper 16gb xeon machine?