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  1. but also the problem is, it happens when i'm playing a lower res video too. It also happens when I start the game with the video already playing. So if it is because the sudden demand for 4k is making me lag on my first monitor then that shouldn't effect it right?
  2. OK so is there no way to get this to work?
  3. thats the thing though, Im getting consistent frame rates on my monitor and this doesn't happen when my 4k monitor is static and if we are just looking at fps, I shouldnt be getting any lag at all. It always hovers around 180 frames
  4. So My rig right now is: -I7 8700k -Nvidia GTX 1070 FE -16gb mixed ram -1tb samsung 860 Evo -1tb WD Blue -main monitor: Benq XL2420Z 1080p 144hz -secondary monitor: Samsung U28E510 4k 60hz So my issue is, everytime I play a game on my main monitor and something moves on my secondary monitor my game has lag issues. It feels like the frames are dipping below 60fps but the thing is, fraps and the in game fps counter is showing well above 144 frames consistently. This doesn't happen if my 4k monitor is static but if even the slightest thing moves on my 4k monitor, the game lags. Please help I have no idea what the issue is. I tried putting a different graphics card in there and even tried seeing if my cables are messed up and nothing solved it.