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  1. I bought this laptop from Amazon 4 days ago, arrived 2 days ago and oh god, it was a pain in the ass. Dealing with the slow shitty ass Windows at the beggining without any clue was the hardest part for me. I've never had before a laptop without O.S installed or drivers neither, so it was actually energy draining for me to search for the very few info that were on the internet about this issue with this laptop model. To begin with, im from Spain, and no spanish forum was actually addresing or talking about this issue, so I did the basics and searched in english for some help and finally got here. Im grateful and thankful for the help and things you guys came up in this thread. The Ryzen Controller config thing you @Bobbydigital did was the best one so props to you, you are the goat. @st_jimmy97 props to you as well. The @Bensaski suggestion wasn't useful at all but still appreciated: throtts were still being there as much as without that version of the driver. I didn't do any paste change to the CPU as I'm afraid to lose warranty and either with remobing the physical fan thing on the laptop. But one thing is sure, we need to pull this out so Asus actually can do something. I was thinking about spamming this trouble through twitter and reddit, as I saw that on reddit the official ROG Assus reaplied to someone telling him to send him his serial number of the laptop. As by now, im kinda busy because of college, but when done im gonna mess up with the Ryzen controller and try some new builds to see if we can pull a solid patch until they come with a BIOS update or something that actually fixes this. I won't return the laptop honestly, I hope we get somewhere sooner and hear an official statement from Asus. See y'all around, and again thanks for making this thread and answers, you guys are awesome