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  1. Yeah i think i figured out that the router has like a low power mode or something so it only pushes 100mbps through that port and i cant even get into the router settings because cox made the password something different that no one knows and the owner doesnt want me to do a factory reset on it to get into the settings.
  2. alright it says 100mbps is there any way to make it show up as 1000mbps the motherboard specs says it can be 1000
  3. im using speedtest by ookla but the wifi is showing higher then 100 so i dont think its that
  4. UPDATE** Just figured out that the Ethernet cable is a CAT6 not sure why im ony getting 100mbps because both router and motherboard state that they have 1000mbps speeds
  5. Yeah that makes sense just havent seen this much of a loss before in speeds over wifi
  6. The wifi is 802.11ax i believe and the 100 mbps is over ethernet its like 350 over wifi
  7. Its a computer with a b450 tomahawk whould have no problem with gigabit (Also Tested on an MSI gl63 9sdk Laptop)
  8. So my friend is paying for gigabit internet through cox, they have a technicolor-cgm4141 which claims to be a gigabit Modem/Router however they are only getting 100mbps through ethernet and about 300mbps over wifi on 5 GHz from about 10 feet away. The ethernet cord may only be able to push 100mbps not sure If its a cat5 or not (Most likely, is she bought it from best buy) however i feel like they should at least be getting better wifi speeds though. The Modem/Router was recommended and installed by cox for gigabit so not sure where the problem lies. Any info would help, Thank you!