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    Ryzen 7 1700
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    AsRock x370 Taichi
  • RAM
    Corsair LPX 16gb 3000 Mhz
  • GPU
    Asus ROG 1060 OC
  • Case
    NZXT H440 White
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    960 evo 1Tb intel 530 serie 480Gb
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    EVGA G3 850 W
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    AOC Q2963PM
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    Corsair h105
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    Corsair K95
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    Logitech G700s
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    Xonar DSX
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    Windows 10 and Arch

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  1. 799 CAD is 600 USD. I think your converting from 799 USD to CAD EDIT: 799 USD is 1k canadian
  2. ikr? I was so surprised when I saw this price on pcpartpicker
  3. Bestbuy link, $500 off, selling for just $799 + tax
  4. She's canadian so she doesn't need a work visa
  5. Yeah we have experienced in the past problems with Bell's billing service and an increase without warning us in advance. Furthermore, we get a fiber line straight inside my home (in the garage which then connects to their shitty router. The good thing about bell is that you get the advertised speed or even above at any time of the day. I had previously Bell 300 up/down and I often had 330 or even 400 up/down but never under 300. When we were previously with videotron, we almost never had the advertised speed. Obviously all the tests were done with ethernet (cat6 since I have a lot of it in bulk). As for the static IP, I don't think I need one as I'm using a dns alias in order to remote desktop outside of home and I'm not uploading constantly, just when someone is using plex to watch a movie/tv show but all of this is taken care of.
  6. That's what I thought. It sucks that they are the only ones offering higher than 50mbps upload
  7. I was wondering which ISPs are Montrealers using. I have bell giga fibe at my parents' house as my media server is there and it's the only one that has an upload speed higher than 50mbit/s. I know some you might argue that 50mbit upload is more than enough for streaming files on plex but most of my files are blurays that I ripped and kept at their highest settings so the bitrate is really big. Plus, we often are three or more using plex at the same time so a high upload speed is necessary. The only options I found are jumping from 50 Mbits/s upload to 750 with bell giga. Is there any alternative? My dad was hoping on not paying 86 + tax for internet. All others that I found have a slower upload rate: - Videotron 400 down, 50 up - Bell jumps from 50 up/down to 1 giga - TekSavvy, Primus and all those smaller isp don't offer anything close to the upload speed required (and they are usually more expensive than the big names) What's the best option? stick with the expensive giga fibe or try and see how a 50mbit/s upload speed works with us? Thanks!
  8. Did the post fast since I was going to class and forgot to check it back. What I meant was like g700s, a mouse that I can use wirelessly when doing other stuff than gaming and wired when gaming. Was looking for under $100 Went with corsair dark core since I found it for 70 bucks at the canada computer next to me.
  9. What I meant isn't wireless is g502
  10. bruh, G900 is way to expensive and as @mikedrewsmy said, it's not wireless as well (I use it most of the time wirelessly when in class and uni). Darkcore seems nice, but the qi charging is more of a gimmick. Don't think it's worth the extra $20 + the price of the qi charging mat. Especially since it only charges at one spot. Don't know if there is one that charges everywhere. If there is then it is worth it. wirelessly charging it while using it.
  11. Title is self-explanatory. RIP my G700s, thank you for your 5 years of service. Thanks Looking for wireless and wired combo, like G700s, with possibly a few macro keys. Basically almost any gaming mouse.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Hadn't rebooted my computer in a while tbh since I always use hibernate. Shutting down explorer and restarting it from run didn't do anything. However, once I rebooted, the issue was fixed. I feel like such a dumbass for not doing so initially. Thanks
  13. I've noticed for awhile that a weird blue bar has appeared in file explorer and I do not know how to remove it. Does anybody know? Thanks! Here's the blue bar:
  14. migeo

    General questions

    obviously XD. I do not want to have 123456 or password as a password LOL.