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  1. Thank you so much Master Guru, Though I did have the window open and it is snowing
  2. Here is the link to the CSGO clip (https://upload-video.net/a1107aGDE12-noau)
  3. For some reason MSI Afterburner On Screen Display won't show up in my CSGO videos like they did in rainbow
  4. There is a 20mb upload limit on this website so I uploaded a clip onto some other website here (https://upload-video.net/a1103Wldj12-noau)
  5. I have it, but i'm not really sure how to use it. I can get it to display information on the screen while im gaming if that's what you're asking
  6. I have everything set to High, Although it doesn't matter which graphics settings I change it to like medium or low because it still gives me the same framerate because I have it limited and the CPU usage stays the same. The CPU Temp also hovers around 70 - 80 degrees and in CSGO it went over 90 degrees which im still not understanding why
  7. Sorry I had already changed the frequency back to default with turbo boost off by the time I saw your reply but here are the screenshots of that while gaming in rainbow six siege
  8. These are the temps and clock speeds of my CPU while playing rainbow six siege at 3000mhz 60FPS
  9. Some people would argue that even though the monitor is capped at 144hz the more frames makes the game smoother with the mouse feel
  10. For the most part I just leave it running at the desktop with no programs opened when I sleep
  11. well i've had it set to default so since it was on 4500mhz I guess yea, because i've never changed it
  12. I've been having heating issues for a couple years now trying to pinpoint the problem with no luck
  13. Yea, tell me anything else you wish for me to do because I have no idea what else to do at this point
  14. Yea, i've reapplied thermal paste over and over again, used thermal pads. Re-seated the heatsink over and over again. I just don't know what to do, these are hot temps, but nothing seems to be working. everything is on default and i've set the CPU to 4200mhz.