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  1. Thanks, Lost my reddit account thought. Thats another thing to do lol. That is why I am looking more for search engine but thanks.
  2. I am trying to find a game I played years ago now that nostalgia struck me, but I don't remember the name of the game. Any good search engine specially for web/browser based online games? Anyway, just in case. The game is about a shooting/launching food at opponents and as a turn based strategy shooter. it is 2d/sideview. In browser. I believe the website starts with wa. The overall system design feel like the old club pengin but much cleaner and more for grown ups and characters are more cute. I remember one map where their this big big mac or hamburger and you can shoot a hole in it to reach your opponent.
  3. I will maybe try to try them later, some deep dive though, just locking for a quick fix. I glanced default program editor, doesn't seem to work for my specialized case. But thanks, will try more deep sometime later.
  4. Never knew chromium itself is a browser, though was just the open source/kernel code package. Also will try Vivaldi sometime, have more option the merry er.
  5. I did that, but that only modify file association, and as I understand it and experience it, protocol have priority and always open with this app for it. I have tried regedit, but does't work. I am guessing have to edit MS Store path or something, I have no idea how.
  6. When I have a tons of webpage opens and a launcher(epic or steam) or program open another webpage I often can't find it witout finding it for a while. I tried Opera, but have some side scrolling problem and torch, basically a chrome clone and can even log in with google account, but it does associate with my protocol as default app and I cant change that. Tor is basically firefox(PDF and publication and scaling really sucks) and I do have VPN(And I am not yet on santa bad naughty list). On another note, I am surprise that AOL still have big shinny HQ and buildings around and their name on them.
  7. I can't, cant change nor remove.
  8. I have no option to remove or change actually any of those protocols
  9. Also, is there a better way to import stuff from chrome? Because not all my stuff and log in cred are imported. And how do I add more saved log in credential? I tdoesnt have an option, at least I didn't find one.
  10. @Enderman @the sff pc dudeOn a somewhat less related note, is there a way to have multiple MS acocunt and outlook log in at the same time in browser like google.
  11. I try, but have already too much bookmarks. And some 5 years old I never revisit.
  12. It deosn't have this side scrooling, but I find that chrome doesnt have it in gmail neither? New gmail update since yesterday? Hmm or was I just didnt notice it was a different horizontal scroll of just the mail maybe. Interesting.
  13. 2- Is there a way to get a clean new deskop without icons in a new deskop windows key+tab/also change wallpaper. Thanks
  14. I did try it and it is impressive, but at half screen in a number of sites and gmail, it doesn't have horizontal scroll Yeah, but when I have too many tabs/chrome window open and lost track to what is what in the task bar since it just show it doesnt show the window any more, Guess can use chrome beta/different path installation.
  15. Can anyone help me on how to edit/delete MS Windows apps directory. More precisely, to change protocol association with apps.
  16. Any good recommendation of a good replacement for chrome? Firefox, Opera gx, torch, two edge are out. And the 2 IE too. They simply do not cut it.
  17. I know, it doesn't work. It is on the protocol association level, and I have no option to remove/change/or another app since it have to be stupid MS Windows app and not a program. I try used regedit but it doesn't work, I am guessing MS Windows app use a different regedit and I can't find it. Any options, with command prompt could work too.
  18. As per this image, I do not have a side scroll bar
  19. I did play on it a bit, basically Adrenaline and setting/software are the same thing, really AMD have confusing name and inconsistencies that cause lots of confusing here. I get it, it's kind of geforce driver, thought should go same name AMD. Was a pain in the but to install. The installer do not install, google search result in previous model of the software as it is officially called but no where to be seen on the software itself. Have to painstakingly go through product selection and install and reboot. It wasn't but at all, but still prefer it somehow to be more clean and better UI, and separate from control so have less bloated selections. I quite like Geforce experience. Simple capture just for when needed and way better thean the crappy Xbox Game bar.
  20. I find opera gx quite a browser(trying get away from chrome), but there is one problem when in half screen in gmail and several other sites it doesn't offer side scroll bar at bottom. Any fix or extension fix?
  21. I deleted the app, but it is torch browser and magnet. It is infuriating.
  22. I am trying to get away from chrome, when I have 500 tabs I lose where is what. I have found one but it came with a protocole association to open a typer of file, how do I delete that association? In Windows.
  23. Because Geforce Experience and CP is what I consider two complete different thing. @5x5
  24. Are Setting and Adrenaline the same thing/merged together? Does gaming evolved still exist? I actually have found an Low powered APU notebook around setting in the closet never really used by me and played a bit with radeon setting, still confused a bit.
  25. Coming from Nvidia, where things are more aesthetic more pleasing and easy to use. They don't go overboard with cleanness but are nice. Been looking to switch it up a bit and looked into Radeon cards, but there sofware is just heck of confusing. I have been looking around a bit, but never found a total explanation of all them. Can someone explain there software and the difference between them. Radeon settings, Radeon Adrenaline, Radeon catalyst, radeon gaming evolved, Radeon crimson. And there relation to one another and if possible provide a timeline of them.