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  1. Never Mind Rx 5500 4gb an 8 gb are out now so... Also this Desktops if you can get em second hand in a year its a great bargain! I am calling Linus a NVIDIA shill now! since he still hasn't done a review of 5500XT , it's a great budget card that's competing with 1650... Next year one will be even better....
  2. I think the 699 euro is only a good deal because of the Ryzen 5 3400 and RX 5500 + B550A, tho the rest in it is kinda crap. However the 3700x (320 euros) with B550 ( 100 euros) (RX 5500 assuming 180 euros) thats still 600 euros if you buy these componenets seperate... so the extra 300 euro for 16gb 2666 mhz and 512gb m.2 + power supply is actually quite decent, Only ofc USB ports, hdmi , PSU and Case kinda suck . It's for people who want get their hands on a Rx 5500 and B550A earlier or if they are Going for a new Build and a budget Gaming PC... I didn't ever claim those systems were best for the Price /Perform. Im saying its quite good compared to retailers that ask 900 + euro for such systems. I do agree they should have gone with 8gb 3200 or 3000 and 16 gb 3200 or 3000 and 500-550 watt PSU's.
  3. No more time , In 3 days AIB cards come out or next monday! So Maybe next Time i will do my own benching and Review!! Well there are already Youtubers that are benching this daily... It's bit better than 1650 super and worse than 1660 super. But it seems price will be at 166 euros or 180 $ dollars (compared to 200-250$ 1660 super) (190-200$ 1650 super) which is pretty good budget option for gaming. I think AMD will hit NVIDIA hard with this.
  4. Intel Losing it they going back to Haswell might as well call it: "Has Been"
  5. Hey Guys Here in Europe there are few Retailers Already Selling RX 5500/ RX 5500M with B550A /B365 Desktop computers. I already sent the links to Linus and Jake already but perhaps my "Newbie" status prevented them from being able to see my messages... Anyway get em before Linus does , let's face is he doesn't deserve this new GPU's en Motherboards. (Neither does his team) HP Desktop M01-F0017ng, Komplett-PC AMD Ryzen 5 3400G * Promontory B550A * 8GB DDR 4 (2666 MHz) *AMD Radeon RX 5500 4GB * 512 M.2 * 400 watt 80 PLUS Platinum * Wind 10. 699 Euro's https://www.alternate.de/HP/Desktop-M01-F0017ng-Komplett-PC/html/product/1576782?event=search https://www.alternate.at/HP/Desktop-M01-F0017ng-Komplett-PC/html/product/1576782?event=search HP Pavilion Desktop TP01-0004ng, Komplett-PC AMD Ryzen 5 3500 * Promontory B550A * 16GB DDR 4 (2666 MHz) *AMD Radeon RX 5500 4GB * 512 M.2 * 400 watt 80 PLUS Platinum. 799 Euro's https://www.alternate.de/HP/Pavilion-Desktop-TP01-0004ng-Komplett-PC/html/product/1576764?event=search https://www.alternate.at/HP/Pavilion-Desktop-TP01-0004ng-Komplett-PC/html/product/1576764?event=search HP Pavilion Desktop TP01-0006ng, Komplett-PC AMD Ryzen 5 3700X * Promontory B550A * 16GB DDR 4 (2666 MHz) *AMD Radeon RX 5500 4GB * 512 M.2 * 400 watt 80 PLUS Platinum. 899 Euro's https://www.alternate.de/HP/Pavilion-Desktop-TP01-0006ng-Komplett-PC/html/product/1576763?event=search https://www.alternate.at/HP/Pavilion-Desktop-TP01-0006ng-Komplett-PC/html/product/1576763?event=search HP Pavilion M01-F0050ng Intel i9 9700 * Intel B365* 16GB DDR 4 (2666 MHz) *AMD Radeon RX 5500M 4GB * 256 M.2 1TB Sata 7200 * 400 watt Power Supply. 999 Euro' https://www.alternate.de/HP/Pavilion-M01-F0050ng-Komplett-PC/html/product/1588243?event=search https://www.alternate.at/HP/Pavilion-M01-F0050ng-Komplett-PC/html/product/1588243?event=search Enjoy!!!