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  1. Yeah, im looking at some g3420's right now that is probably what im going with
  2. The cpu was taken out for another pc, its had a i7 4770 in it before. It has intel q87 express chipset. And it has a dell optiplex 7020 motherboard.
  3. I have an old computer lying around and i want to give it to my younger sister, she doesn't need anything that is good. So what is the cheapest cpu that i can put in a 1150 socket, i do not need integrated graphics i have an old graphics card that i can use for it. Thanks.
  4. I once found dell optiplex 7010 power supplies that had more than the original amperage, but ive since lost the website, ive been looking for it.
  5. that makes it way easier to find stuff now, but can i ask how you figured that out?
  6. I have a Intel core i5 4500 I want to use a sapphire hd 7850 My computer has 32 gb ram No rgb No other expansions One ssd And air cooled
  7. How does not meeting amp requirements for a graphics card affect it, i have a 240w pcu, can i run a sapphire hd 7850 with it?
  8. or if i could use a 90 degree pci e extension to use the gpu
  9. Does anyone know id the shappire hd 7850 dual has a low profile bracket available?
  10. yeah thats the case, but i have found a replacement pcu that has a higher wattage rating for that computer though, which i think i will use instead
  11. alright, i think i start off with that, and once i have the money work into my graphics upgrade
  12. what if i find a power supply that based of the dells original psu but it has 400 watts instead of the stock 280? so its just like replacing it not "hot rodding " it really?