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  1. I appreciate the advice-- I think i going to just scrap this HDD and try and find the old comps I has all these photos on and re-download them.
  2. Recently I got a new case and PSU for my current desktop-- As I was doing stuff I accidentally dropped my 1TB secondary drive on the ground. Initially the comp booted up and everything seemed fine. Started playing some classic DOOM and it suddenly froze. Hard reset, and then Windows 10 did a scan and repair-- I got to stage 1 100% - but hung up at 95% on the other side. I let it sit for a while and nothing happened. I did another hard reset and windows would not load anymore. I disconnected the secondary driver and my primary SSD booted no issues-- I have alot of my old photos and computer stuff on that secondary drive. What is the best way for me to try and salvage some of it. Keep in mind each time i connect the drive the computer wont load Windows.. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a bit of a dilemma... I built a decent rig in 2015. Back then I bought a 128GB SSD and then got a 1TB as a secondary drive. The main SSD is full full and I've run out of stuff to delete to keep it empty. The other thing is that I am running Windows 7 Ultimate which as you all know security updates for it will expire in Jan 2020. I want to buy a new SSD 500GB or 1TB as this computer is going to be my work from home station in the coming months and Windows 10 is a must. is How would I go about doing this swap and turning the old SSD into storage and move everything else over to the new SSD and keep the third 1TB as storage