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  1. JBruzelius

    [Build Log] Project Dequilibrium

    But I do and the sleeving looks awesome good job for a first time bud. Glad you like sleeving as much as me !!! Followed too!
  2. JBruzelius

    Sleeving, Cable Management, & Noise (Help?)

    I would recommend if you plan on sleeving save your self some trouble and either buy pre-sleeved cables or if you want to do it yourself, which is what I would do, I would find a different PSU. Seasonics are great PSU but they are a pain to sleeve due to their being a bunch of double wires. You would be better off with a silverstone strider or corsair RM because they have a minimal double wires for a first time sleever. If you are in the US I would check out Lutro0 Customs as they have great sleeve and the colors match up perfect with a lot of motherboard schemes as well as being cheaper and super awesome quality.
  3. JBruzelius

    WAN Show Guest Suggestion Thread

    Lutro0 from Lutro0 Customs him or even Darth Beavis From Out of the box mods too. I would just love to see some guests who do modding and make the sweet showcased rigs we see at events.
  4. JBruzelius


    Hey, Sleeving your own cables are easy. And OEM sleeving, sleeving your cables directly to the PSU, looks sweet but it wont arc as well as extensions do but it looks cleaner than extensions where it leaves the PSU. Extensions are easier to sleeve since they don"t have any double cables. As far as sleeving goes the Lutro0 Customs Telleios http://lutro0-customs.com/collections/pet-sleeving is super cheap and it is the best sleeving out there! Paracord has a clothy feel while MDPC has a plasticy feel and Telieos has a softer plasticy feel. Also Teleios is easy sleeving to get started with as you don't have to stretch it like crazy. If you have more questions you can check Lutro0's sleeving FAQ: http://www.overclock.net/t/1262900/frequently-asked-sleeving-questions. or you can email him at Lutro0@lutro0customs.com
  5. This is a good article to check out. http://rog.asus.com/262892013/maximus-motherboards/mixing-alu-and-cooper-is-fine-if-you-anodize-right/ apparently when you anodize it correctly it works fine.
  6. JBruzelius

    [WIP] Snef's Purple Chimera (**Completed**)

    Awesome build I love checking out all your builds and this is my favorite so far! Also what type of sleeve did you use?
  7. JBruzelius

    My New Build, Constructive criticism please

    If you plan on sleeving your build stay away from seasonic and corsair. I would go for a silvertone psu because the pinout is pretty much 1 to 1. but if not then your psu will be just fine
  8. JBruzelius

    Yet another R4 build

    Love this build!!! Also for those pesky uneven heatshink on you cables you should look at this tool http://lutro0-customs.com/products/lc-sleeving-tool-ai-version
  9. So is it just me or are a lot of nerds( Myself being included) cat people? I have noticed that a lot of build logs, build/ review videos have a lot of cats in them. So just wanted to point that out and see if you guys agree, disagree, or are maybe undecided on weather a fair amount of us our cat people? I for one am a cat person ( although I have a dog who acts like a cat)
  10. JBruzelius

    Cats and Nerds A Match Made In Heaven?

    To be honest the whole reason I thought of this is because of Linus, Paul, and Kyle
  11. JBruzelius

    Cats and Nerds A Match Made In Heaven?

    I agree I like both but I tend to favorite cats more :D It's all good, This is just for fun preferences don't matter it's all just for fun B)
  12. JBruzelius

    Cats and Nerds A Match Made In Heaven?

    I would defiantly agree :D . I find it ironic that that is probably the main reason we need dust filters as well
  13. JBruzelius

    Mods Please Delete

    Mods Please Delete
  14. JBruzelius

    Mods Please Delete

  15. Sick I too have a 650d and I love it can't wait for more!
  16. JBruzelius

    Project Seafoam X79 Gaming Build

    Man just looks good. You definetly know what your doing any plans on sleeving the psu cables
  17. Intresting never seen a rad on the back of the case... Should be good can't wait for more :D
  18. JBruzelius

    Corsair releases a whole line of individually sleeved cables!!!

    I would say do it yourself and save a lot of money and in most case get a lot better sleeving job. Also if you don't know how to sleeve just check out Lurto0 Customs sleeving tutorials on Youtube @ [url=http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT7p3y4df3uwYYZI7bcdJAA]http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT7p3y4df3uwYYZI7bcdJAA[/url=http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT7p3y4df3uwYYZI7bcdJAA]. Also It only cost around $40 to do your own rig and you can get the color and pattern scheme the way you wan't. And if you need a resource to buy sleeving, Amazon, MDPC, and Lutro0 Customs are all great places to buy from. Just so you guys can see what I'm talking about [url=http://www.overclock.net/g/a/30521/lutro0-customs-sleeving-gallery/]http://www.overclock.net/g/a/30521/lutro0-customs-sleeving-gallery/[/url=http://www.overclock.net/g/a/30521/lutro0-customs-sleeving-gallery/]. I say this not to bash corsair's cables but from someone who likes a pretty computer who isn't afraid to do it myself.
  19. Thanks for being generally awesome!!!!
  20. JBruzelius

    how to improve a build

    First cable managment as said above. Second try to remove top part of the hardrive cage it will improve airflow and make the case feel less empty. Third if you really feel comfortable with modding components take off the ram heatsink and stickers on the heatsink and paint it blue! And finally take the green sticker of the side of the power supply and leave it plain or paint the green cx. just my two cents good luck either way